Manicure Madness: Avon Matte Nail Enamel Grey Cement

Do you feel like playing with the cement when you see it being poured out of a sack?
Do you love the wet cement's color?
Do you love matte finish nails?
Then this baby is for you!!

Avon Matte Nail Enamel Grey Cement is a Limited Edition nail polish released by Avon. I have always loved to buy some matte nail polishes but they were always pricey or had to be bought from international sites by paying high shipping!


So when Avon introduced these babies here just for INR 89 I was aww and just had to grab them quick. So here are some pictures to show you how beautiful the polish is :)

Shade description: It is a beautiful cement grey with matte finish which exactly looks like dried cement :D I just love how deep and matte the shade is! <3

See how beautiful the shade is :))

The polish is excellent and dries in a jiffy. So you must be bit faster while applying or the polish would dry in the brush. But unlike other thick polishes it doesn't become gooey and stays quite normal if kept open for few minutes. The polish is quite thick and dries opaque in just one coat, you can add an additional coat just for a beautiful look :) Only downside is that it chips off nails in just 3-4 days with corner chipping in few hours of application :(


Beautiful shade
Affordable pricing (INR 89 for one and INR 159 for 2)
Excellent matte finish
Sturdy and cute packaging - I love the rectangular shaped bottle :)
Even application
Dries super fast, so you need to be fast while applying
Single coat is opaque enough to cover your nails
Lasts long with little chipping around the corners
The matte nails give an elegant and rich look to your nails


Corners chip just within few hours or a day of application :(
Polish can be bit streaky if not applied quick
Polish becomes dull on nails after a week

As it is a LE product its not sold anymore, so cannot be re-purchased :(

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