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Nioxin is a renowned Hair Care brand in Western countries specialized in treating thinning hair and increasing the thickness of your hair visibly.

Nioxin was launched at various places in India yesterday, May 16th, 2015 and I got a chance to attend the launch event in Chennai. The event was facilitated by Blogadda team and Nioxin had collaborated with Bounce Style Lounge to retail their products here in India.

The event was arranged in the Bounce Lounge located at the Ispahani centre, Nungambakkam, Chennai. Ankita Banerjee nd Ankita Vadhel were with us from the Blogadda team and Daisy from Bounce Lounge took us through the journey of knowing the brand - Nioxin :)

Daisy :)

We were 9 people who participated (will list all our details in the end so that you can catch up) in the event and it was a gala time :) We had super fun :) Check out in FB with the Hashtag #NioxinInIndia and you would know what it means!

The cute & curious ladies :)

So we started off with the event by 1 PM (with Maaza tetra pack :P) and Daisy was giving us all the deets about the products, the formula, the technology, little history about the brand etc. We were served with coffees too ;) Daisy was patient enough to answer all our questions regarding the product and we were very much happy with what we heard!

Post session, we were taken to actual fun part of the event - the consultation and conclusions part :) Most of us were scared as the examination would bring out all truths making us feel #HowBadMyHairIs but trust me all of us were happy and grinning hearing our consultation results :P

Let me share some details about the products first!

Nioxin Scalp Renew

This is a salon only product and it is not retailed. It is recommended to be used only in a span of 30-45 days and not earlier than that as it is a quite intensive treatment. Below are the details about it:

The Systems

They have 6 various systems composing of 6 technologies (each system made up of a combination of 3 technologies) and each of them is particularly for a specific type of hair with a specific problem. System 1,3 & 5 are formal thin-looking hair and system 2, 4 & 6 are for noticeably thinning hair.

As I have normal thinning fine looking hair, I was suggested to use system 1.
After the consultation, we were taken to the spa and that was the super fun part of the event :)
I enjoyed the spa a lot. It was super relaxing and comfortable. All 3 products of the system contain Menthol and so it was a super chill spa I would say. The chillness stayed for almost 5+ hours and the menthol smell until that night which is super good for a mint lover like me :D

So these were the steps followed during the spa. It was the Dermabrasion treatment comprising of a 4 step procedure.
Step 1 was the scalp renewal The Scalp renew was applied all over my scalp and massaged for 1 minute then left out for 10 minutes to stay.

Step 2 was the cleansing part with the system 1 cleanser.

Step 3 was the scalp revitaliser treatment which is a scalp conditioner. Yes this is the newest and craziest idea of having a conditioner specifically designed to be used on your scalp which was super fun and I actually felt my hair more fresh and smooth after this. My scalp felt super clean :)

I was given a extra conditioner application over the length of my hair tom combat dryness.

Step 4 was the scalp treatment which is a leave-in serum kinda product that helps keep your scalp fresh and helps regenerate those hair cells (they told me that its the night cream for your hair - how cool is that ;))

So this 4 step process was followed by a blow dry session and I so loved loved loved my hair after the spa. My hair felt super fresh, clean and rejuvenated indeed!! I also felt that my hair was quite straighter than usual :) Personally I loved the spa and would like to take it up atleast once in 3 months :D


So some pointers if your are willing to try Nioxin:

1. Its recommended to use the system DAILY to see considerable results in 4 weeks.
2. Its a system specifically for your scalp and its good health.
3. It is NOT a hair regrowth or hair growth system. It is just a system that enhances your hair making it look thicker and fuller.
4. Do not use Nioxin together with any of your other treatments like Anti-dandruff or anti-hairfall solutions as the formulations would be going well hand-in-hand. I do have dandruff and they had recommended me not to use my anti-dandruff treatment atleast for a week. And they told me to stop the anti-dandruff treatment for a while like 1 month and try only Nioxin. If my dandruff keeps coming back, then I must be going back to my regular routine skipping Nioxin.
Currently my dandruff is almost gone (as per the anaysis) and thanks to my miracle product (will review it super soon! Watch the space!!)
5. Do not use Nioxin if you are under medications.
6. You can use Nioxin post-pregnancy or post-surgery :)

So here is the list of lovely ladies who shared the event stage with me :)

Bhusha,Rekha, Sri, Pavithra, Sindhu, Ganga, Sneha, The Chennai Focus team

Ok so Im off to bed now and already I skipped washing my hair today (lazy me) :P But would definitely start it tomorrow (maybe?!)

You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with

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