Hack & Crack Sunday - Make Any Nail Polish Pop By A Simple Tweak!!

Hello sweeties!

Do you have many sheer or pearl finish polishes and keep applying too many coats of them just to make the color visible on your nails?
So how many of you have struggled and worried about those sheer nail polishes?
Shove off those worries coz here comes the saviour ;)

The secret ingredient to do this magic is a WHITE NAIL PAINT. So basically to make any of your light\pearl finish polishes pop on your fingers, just paint your nails with one coat of white opaque nail polish and top it with 2 coats of your sheer polish :D

The white polish basically gives a base for the sheer polish and also since it is opaque and doesn't have any color of its own, it just makes the color of your polish pop and also helps it stay longer than before.

All set! Now you don't need to throw away your favourite polish just coz its too sheer ;)

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