StreerWear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Pink Persuasion Review

Are you a fan of coral lips? Do you think they just pop up the whole look and brightens your face instantly? :)
Then this super affordable lipstick is just for you!
It is a shade from the new Streetwear Color rich range of lipsticks I'm talking about.

The range comprises of wonderful collection of shades from pinks to oranges to reds at an affordable pricing of 180 INR!!

I picked up 2 shades from the collection and one of them is Pink Persuasion. Let me talk about the lipstick :)


These lipsticks come in regular plastic bullet style with a black case and a transparent cap (nothing fancy here) but the cap has a graphic girl printed on it which makes the packaging quite attractive and quirky ;)

Shade description

Pink Persuasion is a beautiful muted pinkish coral which doesn't scream color but at the same time gives a instant brightness to face.

Texture and pigmentation

The lipstick is super smooth - has a moist yet matte finish. It is highly pigmented and you can get a full coverage with just 2 swipes :) great at this pricing I would say! Pigmented enough to cover dark lips too :D Best part is feels super light even if 4 coats are applied ;)


The lipstick stays for a decent 3-3.5 hours after which it starts fading. Doesn't stand sipping and munching so re-aplication is a must :(

Final words

Personally I feel it is super hot shade and can be worn everyday even :) And at this price you cannot ask for more! Would definitely repurchase once I finish it :P


Repurchase\recommend: Hell ya! ;)

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (-0.2 for longevity)

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