Hack & Crack Sunday: Rusty Razors?

Are you a person who prefers shaving just like me?
Or do you love your razors and are fed up seeing them "rusting"?
Yes the Iron Oxide that is a bigggg enemy :(
Then this hack is just for you ;)

Here are the steps to save your razor from rusting. Follow this simple routine and save them big time. All you need is the magic potion you come across everyday!! :D

Step 1: Pick that rusty razor :)

Step 2: Clean off the rust using your favourite soap\liquid soap and any old toothbrush.

Step 3: Grab it and dry it quick. Pick out your hand sanitizer and sanitize the razor. This is an extra step just to make sure your razor is squeaky clean :)

Step 4: Pick out the magic tub of VASELINE from your vanity. Yes that is the magic potion I have been referring all this time :P I chose the germ-safe version (just to ensure cleanliness again :D)

Step 5: Pick out any of your old brush or a eyebrow brush (or even a q-tip would do I guess) and apply the vaseline on the razor blades.
Make sure not to do this step using your fingers as your razor blades would harm your fingers.

Step 6: Let the razor aside for few minutes and tada your rust free razor is ready. Until the vasleine coating exists your razor blade is safe from rusting.
Actually the vaseline acts as an inhibitor and prevents the razor blade from oxidizing (some science :P).

Do try this and let me know how it works out ;)
Take care until next time :)

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