Hack & Crack Sunday: Ooh Don't Throw 'Em Away - The Wands :)

So pretty beauties!

I have planned to bring in this series just to give you some hacks that I get to know frequently as it would help you too and also to regularize my blogging frequency :P
I know im not devoted at all :(

So today's hack is about that one which you throw away every 3 months - yes I'm speaking about the mascara wand :))
Don't just throw them away. They can help in zillion ways and here are a few that I utilize them for and thought might help you too!

Clean and use them for applying your lash serum

You can clean your old mascara wand and use it for applying your lash serum.
Not ready to spend on serums? wait a while, a easy peasy lash serum DIY coming up soon (uff spoiler!!).

 Clean those intricate jewellery

Yes! you can use a mascara wand to clean your jewellery. It helps to clean the nook and crannies and doesn't hurt your jewellery too due to its softness :D

De-clump those lashes

Hmm ya some mascaras really clump so easily even with one coat :(
You can use a clean mascara wand to de-clump your lashes and remove off that excess mascara!!

Tame those unruly fellows

Having a hard time taming your brows? Worry not. Just grab a clean mascara wand and brush them in the direction of hair growth and the issue is settled ;)
You can also use a clean wand to tame the baby hairs and fly overs :)

Scrubbing your lips

Lips are very delicate but a mascara wand is soft too and doesn't hurt your lips. So a clean and clear wand can very well be used for scrubbing your lips!!

Seeya guys. See you in next post :) Take care!

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