Blast from the past: Loafers :)

Loafers have been a style statement since past few decades and it is treated as one of the staples in Men’s wardrobe. A loafer is a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin, with a flat heel.

Loafers are of different kinds and are made of various materials. A loafer can give that stylish look and can also be paired with a formal attire to give that comfort.

A little history

Loafers existed from 1933 but however they became popular only in the 70’s when they were worn out public by popular film stars and politicians. Loafers were initially popular as driving shoes as they gave the comfort while driving sports cars.

Initially they were having a high price point as they were made of leather which made the shoes a hi-fi dream for normal people. Later due to popularity and high demand loafers hit the market in full fledge that it became a staple in every men’s wardrobe.

The style story

Be it Spring in its full bloom, or summer is just around the corner, it’s time to enjoy the Driving Shoes exquisitely designed to showcase their natural hides, with visible seams, and the iconic rubber studs.

These luxurious moccasins prove this classic is as stylish as ever today. Beautiful and versatile, they are available in number of colours, for comfort and flair on leisurely days.

Leather loafers

Leather loafers are excellent choice for formal occasions. Leather loafers add the touch of comfort for a professional look and doesn’t spoil the sport too ;)

Denim loafers

Denim loafers can be picked up for those casual occasions where you would be travelling a lot and need a comfortable feet. They are effortlessly stylish and gives the glam look.

Loafers in neon bright shades

Neon bright footwear are a wonderful style statement and they just give a pop to the whole look. Pair them with white shirt\t-shirt and denim or white pants and you’re done for the day :)

Velvet\Suede Loafers

These are the top hit loafers of the day. Be it a professional meeting outfit or a casual day look, these suede loafers just give the uber comfort look with minimal efforts. Cool yet stylish they best suit almost any outfit.


Going aww by the stylish loafers? Browse quick and grab one (or maybe a few ;)) for your boyfriend\hubby and surprise him :D

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