Are you a selfie queen\prince?

Do you love clicking pics all the time?

Does a blooming flower, rising sun, eye catching cloud patterns wake the photographer in you?

Or are you a beauty and fashion blogger like me who would anytime need a quality camera for you know, those fun and quick clicks? :)

Then you can even forget your camera if you own this beauty. Yes! I’m talking about the recently launched baby by ASUS – The Zenfone 2 :D Take your best selfies with the excellent front cam or groupfies with the rear cam ;)

Well are you asking me what’s so special with the Zenfone 2? Omg! You still didn’t know about it?? Read on and I’m sure you would wait with me for it to be re-stocked ;)

The Ultimate Camera Configurations

The Zenfone 2 comes with a 13 MP rear cam and a 5 MP front camera designed with PizelMaster technology which results in good pictures with in low light (Best low light features).
Great for selfies and groupfies. Come on, grab your cam and be ready anytime for great pics ;) :)

Great For Gamers

The phone comes with 2 GB\4 GB RAM and 1.8 GHz (Intel Atom) Quad Core processor which speeds up your processes. Gamers worry not – your games won’t crash anymore or be sluggish ;)

Have Fun With Latest OS – Lollipop and the Zen UI

The ASUS Zenfone 2 comes with Android v5 – Lollipop which is the latest OS with an enhanced UI which makes life easier in using the mobile. You don’t have to worry about upgrading your phone atleast for a while :P

Sleek and Stylish – That’s what I’m

Yes the phone is ergonomically designed with curvy corners that gives more grip while handling the phone.

Also ASUS has come up with back cases of variety of colors. So are you wearing a red kurti today – then pull out the red back case and match your phone with your outfit :D

I Live Longer

The 3000 mAh battery provides longer life making it comfy for you to use your phone whole day. No worries about switching your gprs on and off once in a while to save battery ;)

Duo Dhamaka With Dual SIM

Dropping network all the time? Or wanna have a different network due to attractive GPRS packs with them? No panic! The phone comes with dual SIM making your task simpler :)

It has many more exciting features like amazing touch screen, true-to-life surround sound due to SonicMaster technology and many more.

Head on, order a Zenfone 2 and see, feel it yourself :)

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Are you a person who prefers shaving just like me?
Or do you love your razors and are fed up seeing them "rusting"?
Yes the Iron Oxide that is a bigggg enemy :(
Then this hack is just for you ;)

Here are the steps to save your razor from rusting. Follow this simple routine and save them big time. All you need is the magic potion you come across everyday!! :D

Step 1: Pick that rusty razor :)

Step 2: Clean off the rust using your favourite soap\liquid soap and any old toothbrush.

Step 3: Grab it and dry it quick. Pick out your hand sanitizer and sanitize the razor. This is an extra step just to make sure your razor is squeaky clean :)

Step 4: Pick out the magic tub of VASELINE from your vanity. Yes that is the magic potion I have been referring all this time :P I chose the germ-safe version (just to ensure cleanliness again :D)

Step 5: Pick out any of your old brush or a eyebrow brush (or even a q-tip would do I guess) and apply the vaseline on the razor blades.
Make sure not to do this step using your fingers as your razor blades would harm your fingers.

Step 6: Let the razor aside for few minutes and tada your rust free razor is ready. Until the vasleine coating exists your razor blade is safe from rusting.
Actually the vaseline acts as an inhibitor and prevents the razor blade from oxidizing (some science :P).

Do try this and let me know how it works out ;)
Take care until next time :)

Are you a fan of coral lips? Do you think they just pop up the whole look and brightens your face instantly? :)
Then this super affordable lipstick is just for you!
It is a shade from the new Streetwear Color rich range of lipsticks I'm talking about.

The range comprises of wonderful collection of shades from pinks to oranges to reds at an affordable pricing of 180 INR!!

I picked up 2 shades from the collection and one of them is Pink Persuasion. Let me talk about the lipstick :)


These lipsticks come in regular plastic bullet style with a black case and a transparent cap (nothing fancy here) but the cap has a graphic girl printed on it which makes the packaging quite attractive and quirky ;)

Shade description

Pink Persuasion is a beautiful muted pinkish coral which doesn't scream color but at the same time gives a instant brightness to face.

Texture and pigmentation

The lipstick is super smooth - has a moist yet matte finish. It is highly pigmented and you can get a full coverage with just 2 swipes :) great at this pricing I would say! Pigmented enough to cover dark lips too :D Best part is feels super light even if 4 coats are applied ;)


The lipstick stays for a decent 3-3.5 hours after which it starts fading. Doesn't stand sipping and munching so re-aplication is a must :(

Final words

Personally I feel it is super hot shade and can be worn everyday even :) And at this price you cannot ask for more! Would definitely repurchase once I finish it :P


Repurchase\recommend: Hell ya! ;)

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (-0.2 for longevity)

Leggings are a hot wardrobe essential these days which is super stylish and sexy making it ideal for any occasion. Unlike your jeans or pants, leggings are those skinny bottoms that are super fit and flattery on you. Getting a legging with best fit, comfort and fits like a second skin is every girl’s dream :)

Though Leggings can be worn at anytime, anywhere still wearing it the right way would gain you the respect and appreciation too as you would need to style a legging based on your body type and style-preference. Most girls here in Southern part of India style a legging with a kurti and times with a matching dupatta and feels that they are done with the costume. However there are many other ways to style a pair of leggings in the conservative and comfortable way. Let’s look into a few tips and tricks to make them flattery on you ;)

A Long Top Is Always The Best Bet

Are you slim, bottom heavy, plus size? Worry not! Despite of whatever size you are you can wear a legging with super comfort when paired with a long top as it covers you up with necessary style too.

The Regulars

Pairing a legging with a kurti is a regular but simple and comfy style. To pep up the outfit, you can throw in a denim jacket\blazer or pull off a stylish bellarinas with it and perk it up ;)

A Dress Is Always At Your Help

Love dresses but not happy in wearing it on its own? I have the same problem as wearing a dress here in Chennai would make people turn their heads and open mouths in shock :( And at times im too not much comfortable in showing more skin :P So pairing a short dress (one that would flatter your body type – maybe a peplum dress if you are bottom heavy or a bodycon if you are slim enough) with leggings and boots always brings in the uber stylish look and is definitely a head turner in positive ways ;) I say this because my most Friday casuals comprise of a dress with leggings :D

Shirt On Sleeves Up

A shirt works the same way as a long top with leggings giving you the comfort and casual look. Better prefer long shirts if you are bottom heavy ;)

A Tee For The Geek

Love the geeky look or wanna look more casual? Pair up your legging with a long tee and wear those nerdy glasses to spice it up :) The outfit can be customized with layers in winters to turn the look climate perfect ;)

The Warm Way

Perfect way to style a legging for winters is with sweaters and cardigans ;) A printed leggings would add more style and grace to the outfit :D

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So pretty beauties!

I have planned to bring in this series just to give you some hacks that I get to know frequently as it would help you too and also to regularize my blogging frequency :P
I know im not devoted at all :(

So today's hack is about that one which you throw away every 3 months - yes I'm speaking about the mascara wand :))
Don't just throw them away. They can help in zillion ways and here are a few that I utilize them for and thought might help you too!

Clean and use them for applying your lash serum

You can clean your old mascara wand and use it for applying your lash serum.
Not ready to spend on serums? wait a while, a easy peasy lash serum DIY coming up soon (uff spoiler!!).

 Clean those intricate jewellery

Yes! you can use a mascara wand to clean your jewellery. It helps to clean the nook and crannies and doesn't hurt your jewellery too due to its softness :D

De-clump those lashes

Hmm ya some mascaras really clump so easily even with one coat :(
You can use a clean mascara wand to de-clump your lashes and remove off that excess mascara!!

Tame those unruly fellows

Having a hard time taming your brows? Worry not. Just grab a clean mascara wand and brush them in the direction of hair growth and the issue is settled ;)
You can also use a clean wand to tame the baby hairs and fly overs :)

Scrubbing your lips

Lips are very delicate but a mascara wand is soft too and doesn't hurt your lips. So a clean and clear wand can very well be used for scrubbing your lips!!

Seeya guys. See you in next post :) Take care!

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Loafers have been a style statement since past few decades and it is treated as one of the staples in Men’s wardrobe. A loafer is a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin, with a flat heel.

Loafers are of different kinds and are made of various materials. A loafer can give that stylish look and can also be paired with a formal attire to give that comfort.

A little history

Loafers existed from 1933 but however they became popular only in the 70’s when they were worn out public by popular film stars and politicians. Loafers were initially popular as driving shoes as they gave the comfort while driving sports cars.

Initially they were having a high price point as they were made of leather which made the shoes a hi-fi dream for normal people. Later due to popularity and high demand loafers hit the market in full fledge that it became a staple in every men’s wardrobe.

The style story

Be it Spring in its full bloom, or summer is just around the corner, it’s time to enjoy the Driving Shoes exquisitely designed to showcase their natural hides, with visible seams, and the iconic rubber studs.

These luxurious moccasins prove this classic is as stylish as ever today. Beautiful and versatile, they are available in number of colours, for comfort and flair on leisurely days.

Leather loafers

Leather loafers are excellent choice for formal occasions. Leather loafers add the touch of comfort for a professional look and doesn’t spoil the sport too ;)

Denim loafers

Denim loafers can be picked up for those casual occasions where you would be travelling a lot and need a comfortable feet. They are effortlessly stylish and gives the glam look.

Loafers in neon bright shades

Neon bright footwear are a wonderful style statement and they just give a pop to the whole look. Pair them with white shirt\t-shirt and denim or white pants and you’re done for the day :)

Velvet\Suede Loafers

These are the top hit loafers of the day. Be it a professional meeting outfit or a casual day look, these suede loafers just give the uber comfort look with minimal efforts. Cool yet stylish they best suit almost any outfit.


Going aww by the stylish loafers? Browse quick and grab one (or maybe a few ;)) for your boyfriend\hubby and surprise him :D

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Love your lips and love painting them? Love Reds? Love creamy soft lips?
Then this is for you!! :) :)

What the brand claims?

A luscious range of lip colours Pout in a Pot for plump and gorgeous lips. A rich creamy lip colour is a must-have for the upcoming season. Pamper your pout with this attractively plumping lip color that stays color-true and gives lips beautiful, lustrous depth.

Pout in a Pot is loaded with emollients to deep nourish and moisturize your lips. It is a rich creamy formula that gives you shining hue in a single stroke.

The lip colour has silky texture and luxurious finish and you don't need to apply lip gloss over it.
Packed in an attractive transparent jar the lip colour is easy to carry in your bag.
Moreover, the pot has a mirror and special applicator that makes it easy to use.

How to use?

Line the lips with a suitable lip liner. Apply lip color with a lip brush on both upper and lower lips.
To refresh and even out, press lips together. Using a lip brush gives a richer and more precise color application.

Price & quantity: 550 INR for 4gms


The Colorbar Pout in a Pot lipcolor comes in a pot as the name reads. It comes in a uber chic round glass pot with a silver cap. The pot clearly shows you the color of the lippy making life simple :)
It comes with an inbuilt mirror and a cute tiny brush which makes it travel friendly. The mirror comes really handy for quick touch-ups :D


Available in many cosmetic stores, Colorbar outlets and online too.

My take on Colorbar Pout in a Pot Lip color Rose Petal

I picked up this lip pot from a blog sale and used it once after buying. I kept it off somewhere for a while and totally forgot it exists :(
One day when I was clearing my makeup goodies, I found it back and was like "Oh I even one such cute lippy!".

This lipstick was giving me the feel of a lip balm (blame the packaging) and so I always mis-interpreted it to my lakme lip love :P But I love its packaging a lot. Very compact and handy :)

The lip color is super creamy and gives excellent coverage in just one swipe. You can put on a extra layer if you like to get the plumpy look :) Its super pigmented and gives best coverage even for pigmented lips in one swipe :D A little tip is to not apply more than 2 coats as the lippy bleeds due to its super creamy texture.

As it is super smooth and creamy, no lip balm is even required beneath. It has a good wear time and lasts until 4-5 hours without eating or drinking. But definitely needs to be re-applied if snaking in between.

So if you are looking for a good lip color with excellent pigmentation, smooth texture and good wear time then this is definitely the one you need to pick. It has pinks and corals to choose too ;)
I definitely recommend it to everyone :)


Rating: 4.3 out of 5