What Would I #ChooseToStart With The All New Enhanced Moto E

So What Would I #ChooseToStart With The All New Enhanced Moto E?
Read on to know it :)

I was a person who took a while to get accustomed to smart phones basically due to two major reasons - price and sophistication.
My first ever smart phone was Sony Xperia W8 as I'm a Music Lover and Sony is always meant was wonderful user experience! I still treasure and have my old mobile with me because it was my first ;)

As Motorola started entering the smart phone world, my eyes always revolve around the Moto models and I see a lot of people keep comparing Moto G\X\E with similar models from other brands. So Moto is someway benchmarked!!

There is a saying "Benchmarking others is competition and Benchmarking your own standards is challenge and brings success!". Very true to these words the Moto team has benchmarked their own products from the past (Oh god I'm getting goosebumps while typing this - why?!) to re-discover and create the all new Moto E.

After analyzing with various audience on why they Love Moto E (1st Gen) and what they hate in it, and also after analyzing the 'Love features' of their other smartphone models, the Moto team has come out with a phone which literally is pocket friendly :D The enhanced and long lasting 2390 mAh battery life from Moto E (1st Gen), their signature sleek, se*y, curvy design from most popular Moto X, knowing customer pulse - a new 0.3 MP front cam for selfies and video calls (how sweet) and all of these in a budget friendly price :) :) Read on to know what is so special with the new Moto E.

So What Would I #ChooseToStart With The All New Enhanced Moto E?

The Quad Core Processor

Game lovers, Movie lovers this is for you! Enhanced speed and no more junk cleaning to speed up your smartphone ;) [I always need to clean up my current phone to enhance its speed *sob*]
The all new Moto E comes with 1.2 GHz quad core processor.

Sleek and Curvy Design

A curved back, ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand - and not bend in your back pocket.

Lollipop OS

No its not the store bought lollipop candy :P Its Android 5 OS which makes the all new Moto E lead the smartphone world ;)

Affordable Pricing

While mobiles with soooo many features are priced sky high, our all new Moto E is offered with a pocket friendly price tag (6,999 INR) which is affordable for anyone who is looking for a budget smartphone. After all, you get a super high end smart(est) phone at a budget price ;) :)

Motorola Assist

This is a special feature included only in Moto smartphones. You can use your personal assistant 'the Motorola Assist' to help you with you sleeping and meeting schedules (my bf loves it in his Moto G ;)) :)


4.5" qHD display (TFT LCD Touchscreen) with Gorilla glass. The 960 x 540 Pixels resolution gives you the sharpest and crisp display. You will love to watch videos or read your favourite books on this display. So again a boon for gaming people too :D

Extended Battery Life

This Moto device comes with a 2390 mAh battery that is designed to last all day long. So, keep going without having to stop to recharge your device.

I #ChooseToStart with Moto E for these features and what do I get additionally?

Quick Capture

Quick Capture has been one of the most popular features we have on Moto X. So we decided to bring it to Moto E, too. It's just one more way we are able to bring our premium innovation into a smartphone that doesn’t break the bank.

3G\4G LTE Support

Supports 3G - come on see your loved ones now while you speak and get that enhanced browsing experience too :)

Dual Cam (Front and Back)

A cute little front cam for selfies and video calling (Oh ya 3G support :))
A high definition 5 MP rear cam for getting seamlessly beautiful pictures - make your pals click you or take a group pic ;)
The elegant spin finish around the camera bezel and texture on the buttons are a sweet addition :)

Customizable colorful Grip Shells

You can customize Moto E by choosing from colorful Motorola Bands or Grip Shells that are easy to swap out, so you can change your phone accent color as often as you want. Not only are the patented bands designed to look great, but they also feature a unique ridged pattern which provides an even better grip.

 A Good Size Internal Memory

The budget smartphone offers an excellent internal memory of 8 GB which is super beneficial.
They support moving apps to the external memory (32 GB expandable) too. So no need to worry if you internal memory is full - just push any huge app to your SD card and enjoy :)

 Beginning from the moment I open my eyes till the time I hit bed, my smartphone is my best companion and it is the best way to stay connected to my world of lovely friends and family :) So people when a smart phone offers soooooooooo many excellent features that too at a budget prize, I would say grab it!! Uff... I wonder how my first smart phone experience would have been if my first smartphone was new Moto E (#IChooseToStart with Moto E)

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