#Together Is Not Just A Word!!

"Together we stand, divided we fall!!"

Yes that's right, together is not just a word but it is something which spreads optimism and strengthens you from inside. Someone's mere presence makes you feel strengthened while someone must keep talking to make you feel better. However being together with the people you love always spreads happiness, smiles and makes you optimistic.

Recalling past memories are always sweet :)
While speaking about togetherness, I can never miss my bestie-sissy in my life. She is the best friend I ever had in my life and a best meaning for togetherness :)

We became mates from the day we attended our final round of interview. We started clinging on each other just to make sure we would get a company after joining :P Either of us never thought we would grow out to be the best friends :D We became roomies, and started exploring Chennai. Those were the best times I had ever spent with a friend :) The world started looking us as sisters rather than friends seeing the way she took care of me <3

Both of us have a very similar nature - happy going, bubbly, naughty filled with positivity :)
It was a time I went through a tough time in my personal life and was upset for a whole week. I stopped speaking with anyone and became a psychopath :P She was the only person who was with me all the time as I used listen only to her. I gave her a tough time too by being very silent (total opposite to my born nature) and starved like hell. She used to get me food but I never ate any of it. I troubled and irritated her to the core and one can never be patient with you at all moments (of course except your mom :) ) but my sweetheart had never shown a teeny bit of anger or hatred on me. She consoled me, convinced me and kept talking with me for the whole week in such a way that I recovered very quick from my depression. She treated me like a kid and made me realise that there is no point in being a psychopath :P Her optimistic words were the reason for my recovery :)

She is such an optimistic person (only to others :P), filled with care, soothing words and immense patience. She had always treated me like her own kid :) Every #together moment of ours was filled with happiness and optimism. We spread smiles wherever we went. Those are the unforgettable moments in both our lives #Together :) :)

That sweety naughty kid is now married and settled down happily :) [Of course I'm still in love boat ;) :P ] Whenever I think of togetherness or friends, she is the one who instantly hits my mind & heart. Lachu you will always be loved :) <3

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