Takeaway Level: Crave For Tasty Food, Visit Singapore! #FarMoreSingapore


Are you a person who craves for tasty food?
Who loves to travel anywhere to treat your taste buds?
Who love love loves yummy delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes?
Then Singapore is the place you must never miss visiting in your life especially for their tasty, delicious, yummy and drool-worthy foods :):)

Here are my favorite Singaporean recipes. Basically I'm a pure vegetarian and you all know how much tough it is for a vegan to get tasty food anywhere we go! Basically we need to adopt to living with cheese burgers and fresh juices\coffee as these are the ones we get easily at any place :(
But Singapore - out of the world and they have so many awesome restaurants with yummy vegetarian food stuffs ;) Let me list them to make you droooolllllll :D

Veggie Lasagna

Veg lasagna is a delicious treat for all vegans with their favourites - healthy vegetables, yummy noodles and tasty cheese fillings. This is a layered dish with super yummylicious flavour.
The dish is assembled in a way like - a layer of yummy veggies (cooked with required flavouring), a layer of lasagna noodles, a layer of cheese and same topping repeated for required number of layers. This assembling is baked and the cheese gives such an yummy look to the lasagna. Trust me people, you won't miss meat at all :)

 Myanmar-style salad

I'm a salad lover and this one felt like it was made specially for me. Crunchy munchy salad with contrasting flavours of mint, peanut crunch, turnips etc. - amazingg!!!! :) It just gave me the feel of my home food :)

Veg Avocado wrap

A burst of fresh avocado with capsicum, cucumber, cabbage, carrot and onion slices, dressed with cottage cheese and flavoured with garlic pepper spicy mix gave me the feel of eating a relaxing supper at my home :)

Raspberry rhapsody cheesecake

No meal ends without a dessert isn't it?
So here is the dessert I love from the Singaporean recipes - raspberry cheesecake made out of delicious chocolate with raspberry fillings. A chocolate lover like me can never skip it :) :)

Peanut butter ice-cream

Boy oh boy! Quite innovative recipe with ultimate flavour. I love peanuts but I'm not much of a lover of ice-creams but this one made me try one more cup ;)

Do visit Saingapore and drench your taste buds with their yummy delicious food :):)

And add some fun :) :D

Picture Source: http://discover.stayfareast.com/, http://www.google.com

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