#StartANewLife - I Did. You Too?

#StartANewLife - This was a decision which was supposed to be taken almost an year before and we were postponing it continuously as we weren't confident enough!

Yes it is almost an year since my baby bro graduated and got a job. We were living\working in the same city (Chennai) but in different places. I wasn't feeling good from the beginning as we are siblings and we are bound to be together (atleast living under one roof, otherwise we are rivals :P)
But days passed, months passed and we weren't ready to take the decision of moving together.

Both of us are very much independent and we hate to be dependent on someone for any reason. Though we were sharing our living place with our friends, we maximum prefer doing things ourselves and don't depend on others. This nature of us kept dragging the decision a long way. A day came when I popped up the question to him "We live in same city. Why not we move in together to a house?". His answer was a blunt no with a reason 'it won't workout'.

The major concerns were expenditure (obviously as we need to pay our rent, bills etc. - 2 sharing from 4\5 sharing is tedious), finding a place common to both of us (I never like the place he lived in and he didn't like mine :P) and safety as I would be alone if he is traveling somewhere or wants to stay at a friend's place.
All these tiny concerns looked huge whenever we discussed about this.

After 3 months, he himself called me up and told me to look for a place. I was filled with enthusiasm as from the beginning I needed a home rather than a house!

We chose a area common to both of us and I started looking for a house (responsibility was mine ;))
I was puzzled as I couldn't find a proper place - one house had A\C and all but rent was 20K (:O what?!), there was no pictures for one ad, no correct address in the other.
Just a week before the month ends, we were in a hotseat to get a house quick and that is when my baby bro gave me the right place to look for a house!

He called me "Hey! We just have one more week. Check in Housing.Com for a house and decide soon."
Me "Housing.com? Is there a site like that?"
"Of course ya. Its very easy to use and can find a house very easily. Its blocked here in my office. Check soon and tell me."

This was the first meeting between me and Housing (https://housing.com/). The moment I saw the site, I know my dream place can be found there.
They have a beautifully and colorfully designed site embedded with maps to locate the place you are looking which helped me a lot as we were looking for a house nearby to my mom's sister's house.
Within an hour I filtered 3 houses out of which we chose one and moved in within a week ;)

Though it was  tough decision to make for both of us, we are a happy pair of siblings now living under one roof :)

These kids are now not only siblings but roomies too ;)

Life is always full of surprises and it is not gonna be the same everyday.
Starting a new life is always essential to spice and pep up your life and give a meaning to it.
I #StartedANewLife through Housing.com #StartANewLife. Did you?

Check out this Housing.com Video Ad, I am sure you will agree with me!

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