A Sharp #LookUp Gives You What You Want :)

My Look Up Story – The story of optimism

A brave and bold #LookUp gives you strength and fills you with optimism.

A Sharp #LookUp gives you courage.

So here is my look up story, a piece from my life that changed my thoughts and made me optimistic towards a clean and green India.

I have a friend\team mate who keeps saying not to dispose trash wherever you stand and dispose it in the sani bins. Though we followed it once or twice it was feeling like a joke for us and we kept forgetting to do it everytime. He kept repeating it everytime we threw something away and going one step ahead, he used to pick up any wastages he see on the pathway and throw them out in the sani bins. This act of him made almost all of us in the gang feel shameful and guilty at the same time.

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As good friends, we started following it during his presence atleast to make him happy. This intention slowly started growing into a habit for me and I started looking for sani bins everytime I was about to throw something away! I slowly realised the real necessity to follow this cleanliness as it not only helps me but my nation too. This tiny act felt like my major contribution to my country :)
But I never felt proud for doing it as I never felt it is such a big thing until that day arrived in my life.
I was traveling to my hometown in a train and bought a parcel for breakfast. Only after finishing my breakfast I realised that Southern railways aren’t so cautious to keep sani bins in each compartment (atleast not in the train I travel :( ). As the habit of throwing thrash ONLY in bins has outgrown in me, I couldn’t just throw it away through the window and relax :( I was waiting for a stopping to throw it away.

People around me started looking at me strangely – maybe they felt like I’m gonna pack up the empty parcel home :P Though their look embarrassed me I couldn’t just drop off the parcel because of this conscious thought running in my mind :)

After 35 minutes of non-stop travel a stopping arrived (the train will stop just for 2 minutes) and I rushed out to throw it away in a bin :D I felt super happy for two reasons – I succeeded in my own accomplishment of not throwing away thrash like an animal and uff free hands ;)

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Once I got back into my compartment, the guy who was sitting opposite to me stood up and said “awesome!”. I was shocked and thought maybe he is speaking to someone over phone and sat in my place. He then sat off and asked me my name and we were talking for a while. He was a guy in his final year of college and was trying to get placed before his studies get over. Oh ya I remembered my final year struggles too :P Finally he appreciated me with a note “Guys can easily follow such manners but being a girl, just hats off to you :)” though it was a lot of appreciation, I really felt proud that day and my heart was whole-heartedly thanking and appreciating that friend of mine :) :)

Nothing comes easy in life and a little optimism can boost your life highly. Optimism is not only being positive in your own life and keep yourself happy but optimism is in spreading the positive vibes to people around you and making them feel that their life is better :)
On a note yeah now I have taken the campaign of telling people to keep their country clean – after all, it’s my “Mother India” :)

So this is my story of LookUp - Out Think, Out See, Out Do and fill the world with optimism.
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