Makeup Diaries: Plum Brown Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hello pretties!

I know it's very late but I prepared this tutorial long back and forgot to post it up :(
So today I'm up with this tutorial. Though it is a fall makeup tute but still this is a simple makeup and it can be done anytime as you wish :)

I'm a total novice in makeup and no expert. So I hope my tutorial would atleast help newbies like me :)

Plum and brown are two shades which go very well with each other. So i decided to pair them up and to finish off the look I used two different lipstick shades. You can choose whichever look you prefer ;)

Here are the detailed steps for the tutorial:

Step 1: Start with a clean face. Cleanse your skin well, tone and moisturize.

Step 2: Finish off your base makeup fully. I simply applied my ponds BB cream and topped off with loose powder.

Step 3: Prime your lids with a eye primer or concealer to make your eye makeup last long. This can be skipped if you have dry lids but if your lids are super oily like mine then you are definitely going to need this step.

Step 4: Fill in your lids with the plum\violet shadow evenly and blend it well.

Step 5: Add it the brown eye shadow on the outer V of the eye and blend it well with the plum shadow. Blend well so that there are no harsh lines and missed spots.

Step 6: You can add a hint of the second shadow over your crease line so that your eyes would look a bit more wide and the singleton shade projection will be eliminated. Also your eye look will look a bit more deepened. Blend the shadows well once again.

Step 7: Pick out a liner of your choice - it could be grey or brown as they would go well with the eye shades. Line your eyes with the style you wish. I used my faces longwear eye pencil in metal brown to line my lids as well as my waterline too.

Step 8: Smudge the liner a little with a smudger\slant brush if you want.

Step 9: Finish off with curling your lashes and loads of mascara for that extra drama.

Step 10: Apply a light blush of your choice. I picked up maybelline dream touch blush in shade 04. It is a beautiful nude pinkish orange blush that gives a pale flush to cheeks. I also topped off a little with my favourite Beyu bronzer.

Step 11: Line your lips and fill in your favourite lipstick and you're done ;)

Here is the detailed steps in pics :D

Here I have chosen two different lipsticks to show you how it transforms the look.

A nude lippy goes on very well with this eye makeup accentuating the eyes and keeping rest of the face a bare look.
On the contrary a bright lipstick attracts all attention leaving your eyes a little less noticed. So it is in your hands to prioritize ;)

Bright lips with Plum-Brown eye makeup

Nude lips with Plum-Brown eye makeup
Products used:

Eye shadows - The plum shade is from BeautyUK Soho platette and the taupish brown shade is from BeautyUK Naked palette (Shades marked in below picture)
Lips - Revlon lacquer balm in Whimsical, Bourjois shine edition lipstick
Face - Ponds BB+ cream as base topped off with Lakme compact, Blue heaven pan cream as eye primer, Maybelline dream touch blush (04), Beyu bronzer

Hope you enjoy the tutorial. This is my first ever tute in my like and hope I nailed it atleast a bit ok-ish. Do drop in your comments on how you like the look and how could it be modified. Would love to hear from you all :)


  1. Nice tutorial girl. I always wish to put on eye shadow but scared as I've droopy eyelid :(
    visit my blog when you get time -

  2. Thanks much Amy! Checked out and love your blog, will be a regular follower :)


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