Add-Ons Love: My Beautiful Lipstick Holder!

I'm an accessories junkie who loves beautiful add-ons always.
Be it a junk jewellery or a beautiful table organizer, I always have a heart and place in my room for it:D

So this time it was this wonderful and super cheap lipstick holder that attracted me. And it reached me super safe which made me wonder-stuck in reality ;) :)

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to organizing stuff and I always keep my things well-organized.
I keep rearranging my stuff once in a month atleast and re-organize the arrangements to make myself feel fresh :) It is the simplest way of beautifying and making your place look new you know ;)

It was a time I was bored of my boxes to store lipsticks and I wanted a lovely acrylic lipstick storage box for storing them. I looked and looked in many local shops but couldn't find one that fits my purpose. I was able to locate only the 5 or 6 lipstick storage ones that were priced too high (each were around 200 :( ). I wasn't really ready to invest in buying few of them and started looking online as usual :P

That is when I spotted this beauty :) I bought it from - the biggest online shop which is as old as our grannies and yet trust-worthy. I rely a lot on Ebay anytime as I haven't faced even a single bitter incident till date (despite buying there innumerable times) *touchwood*.

Ok now all the deets for you people just to help you pick it if you would like to ;)

Product name: Clear Acrylic 24 Lipstick Holder Display Stand Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Case

Product description:

An acrylic holder that has 24 cabinets for storing your lipsticks. You can also store lip glosses, concealer pens, eye liners, mascaras etc - literally whichever would fit in :P

Price: 4.25 $ (261.29 INR today)

Quick update: It is currently on offer at BuyInCoins and is way less than the price I bought - its for 3.55 $ :D

Payment mode: Sad part - as it is international shipping, they accept only Paypal :(

Shipping and delivery time:

This is the interesting part always when it comes to International purchases. Most of the time you don't get tracking details for free shipping. But I was lucky enough to get the tracking details too and my parcel was sent through FedeX. The tracking details were communicated to me once the item was shipped which was super convenient.

So I placed my order on August 19th and the item was shipped on same day. Same day shipping for free shipping too ;)

I got my parcel delivered on 6th September - so it took just 18 days to reach me. Upto me it was very quick as few of my parcels from Ebay had took even 2-3 months to be delivered :)

The holder isn't made of super thick material but it is thick enough to hold your lipsticks. The base is strong and flat enough so it wouldn't toss off from it's place. The sections are cut very well and precise and smoothed out too - no need to worry if the ends would scratch your hand.

So I immediately arranged my lippies in it and clicked em'. Few pics for you too :D

Do let me know if you like the holder and if you would buy one too! :)

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