Try It: DIY Coffee Sugar Lip Scrub

Hello pretty ladies!

Monsoons are here around us and I’m really enjoying the rains a lot :)
They’re my best mates you know – eating chocolates in rain is my favourite during the monsoons ;)
And today we’re going to learn making something yummy, lovely, tasty and that keeps your lips soft and smooth :D

Yes we’re gonna learn to make a perfect lip scrub. Can we start?

What will you need?

Well these are the simplest ingredients and you will find them in your kitchen very well ;)

  • Sugar or brown sugar
  • Honey
  • Ground coffee granules\powder (or) instant coffee powder
  • Vanilla\strawberry essence (or) chocolate syrup
  • Olive oil (optional)
  • A spoon or spatula for mixing

Prepare all the ingredients. I didn’t mention any quantity because there is really no. It’s purely our wish to increase or decrease any of the ingredients quantity based on our interest and you will get to know how much you will need when you actually start preparing the scrub.

Take the container in which you would like to store the scrub. You can also mix it in a wide bowl and transfer. Anyway you prefer :) Put in adequate amount of sugar\brown sugar into the container. Add in the coffee powder and mix them well.

Add the honey and mix them again. Make sure not to add more honey – the consistency of the scrub must be thick and the coffee sugar mix must be bit dry, not fully soaked. Add in the olive oil. I didn’t add olive oil as it makes the lips feel a bit moisturized after scrubbing. I prefer manually applying lip balm after scrubbing :P The scrub must be thick in this stage too but it can be completely wet. If you don’t prefer any added flavor or essence then you can add little extra honey\olive oil and make the consistency bit loose enough to use right away!

Finally add in the vanilla essence\chocolate syrup adequate enough to bring the expected consistency to the scrub. I added vanilla essence to it as I didn’t have choco syrup handy :D You can also add a small piece of chocolate if you wish – but make sure you don’t eat off the scrub :P

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