Jumbo Eye Pencils from Davis

I spotted a brand named Davis here few years back and they almost have a whole range of cosmetics out of which I love their eye and lip pencils as they come in wide range of colors and are dirt cheap ;)

I always use to see only slim and thin colored pencils from this brand and once I shifted to faces eye pencils I never turned back to these as they are bit poor on quality! But few months back when I spotted these jumbo pencils from Davis I know they will be mine :D

Honestly I know nothing about these pencils except their price (and that too varies from shop to shop) and must admit I was courageous enough to try them on my waterline even :P

Price: The single pencil costs 35 INR and the double pencils are priced at 50 INR

Place I spotted them: Saravana Stores, T.Nagar, Chennai

First Look: Gorgeous!!

When I first saw these pencils I thought "It's been 2 years since I bought something from this brand and now I don't think they will be priced as less as they would. I would pick them up only if they are below 150 INR and close my eyes and run away if they are more than that!"

Takes a look at the shades "Omg! They look so gorgeous. Ok then if they are costly, just pick one alone - maybe the pink and black one. Oh no! I have no glitter pencils - maybe should pick up the one with glitter."

With all chaos and screams in my mind, I lifted up one of them and was shocked seeing the price :D Needless to say I picked many (few) of them. I wanted to pick few more as well but many of them were broken :'(

These are affordable pencils that come in variety of colors with a good color payoff. Except the lighter and pearl-finish shades all other are quite good in payoff.

You get two types of pencils - glittery and creamy ones ;) These pencils can be used like cream shadows - similar to the NYX Jumbo pencils. And these cannot be used as liners.

However they can be used on waterline - they don't sting my eyes when I use them on waterline. They do smudge due to their creamy nature but then it is manufactured only for that purpose. But I hate using the glitter pencils on waterline as they tend to give that scratchy feel while lining :(

They are not long lasting. They last hardly for 2-3 hours and vanish from waterline. But as shadows they last for more than 4 hours without base and around 7 hours with base which is pretty awesome considering my super oily lids ;) :P


All just one swipe :)

Overall Thoughts: Paisa vasool with multiple colored eye pencils ;) :P :D

Rating: 3 out of 5 (-1 for longevity and -1 for availability)

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