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I saw a girl on road today with smudged kajal and as I know her already I jus questioned her on what kajal she was using. She was like “I know only one kajal – that is kajal :P” I understood that she is speaking about the Eyetex dabba :D

I suggested her to use Elle18 kajal and when she asked for a liner, I suggested the elle18 black out liner since she was looking for budget stuff. Yes, these are the wonderful budget eye products I have used till date!

So now why didn’t I review them even after emptying few bottles?!  Lazy you see :(

Elle18 Black Out Liner

What the brand says?

Easy single-stroke application
Gives definition and glamour to the eyes
An eyeliner that dries quickly and stays on all day!

Quantity & Price: INR 65 for 5 ml

Type: Matte Liquid Eyeliner

Packaging: The liner comes in a cute round glass bottle! Adorable :)

My take on Elle18 Blackout liner:

First impression – cute, beautiful, girly packaging in black & pink combination. Gosh I love this combo so much (you can see it in my blog everywhere! :P) <3 And though it comes in a glass bottle its quite sturdy and doesn’t break even when dropped on floor :P

It is an intense black liner with a matte finish. The applicator is thin and has firm bristles helping to draw thin lines easily. But drawing thicker lines consumes more time :( It dries super quick, maybe within 40 secs. and is water-resistant. But it isn’t waterproof as it claims! Yes it goes off when rubbed slightly with water.

The only drawback of this liner is though it lasts for 10 hours on my super oily lids but it starts dissipating after that and fades away even if a drop of water meets your liner :(


Top - liner, bottom - kajal

A thick lining on my last - the pic was taken 4 hours after application! Cool isn't it? ;)

Rose Petals:

Pocket friendly
Uber-cute packaging
Excellent matte finish and beautifully black
No odd fragrance
Nice convenient brush, can easily create thin lines, applies smoothly
Nice color payoff
Does not fade out easily
Doesn’t irritate or sting eyes
Stays in place for long (10 hours)
Dries in seconds


Not waterproof as claimed
Goes off just with a light swipe with water :P

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (Could’ve been waterproof)

Elle18 Kajal

What the brand says?

Let your eyes speak for you! Here is a wonderful kajal from Elle18 to give you a dramatic look.

What makes it a good choice?

Enriched with high pigments, this kajal gives an intense and bold look to your eyes. It is formulated from almond extracts and hence is safe for your eyes. It glides on easily on the waterline giving a smooth texture. With its rich and lustrous black colour it will surely enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Quantity & Price: INR 65 for 3 ml

Type: Oil based kajal with glossy finish

Packaging: The kajal comes in a packaging similar to our lipstick bullets! Nothing fancy ;)

My take on Elle18 Kajal:

The Elle18 kajal comes in a normal twist up packaging just like their lipsticks. But the packaging isn’t sturdy enough and you might end up breaking the base of your kajal if accidentally dropped down lightly :( But despite of the feeble packaging the kajal comes with a sharp tip helping in lining your water line super precise.

The kajal is jet black in color. It is an oil based kajal and so you can expect a little smudging from it. It does smudge\crease but when applied the right way, you can escape raccoon eyes :P Once applied the kajal gives a soothing sensation to the eyes keeping it cool. Though it smudges it does last for a good time of 10 hours with little fading at the corners and eye ducts – not bad at all!

Removal: You will need to use the good old coconut oil or your regular makeup remover to get the Kajal off your eyes :)


Right - liner, left - kajal

A lighter application on eyes :P

Rose Petals:

Convenient twist up packaging
Sharp tip yields a precise application
Lasts for 10 hours with little fading
Gives a cooling sensation to eyes


Packaging could’ve been little sturdy
Smudges a little – can be managed by powdering the lower lashline before applying the kajal
The tip becomes blunt after a while :(

Rating: 4.3 out of 5


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