P&P Review Meter: Olay Body Wash plus Crème Ribbons

I’m a huge lover of shower gels and body washes and keep using them in all seasons ;) So today’s review is going to be about a body wash that does the job of a wash as well as a moisturizer :D


What the brand says?

Each bottle contains more than a jar of Olay moisturizers.  Discover a world of romance when you smooth on this whisper light lather with delicate rose extract and almond oil. Feel it hush over you like rose petals floating in a Venetian bath.

What it contains?

In addition to Almond oil it contains the below ingredients too:

Price: 190 INR for 295 ml

My take on Olay Body Wash + Crème Ribbons:

As I mentioned already I’m a huge fan of body washes and shower gels and don’t mind hoarding them :P I came across this body lotion almost 2.5 years back in the stores and its kinda huge packaging made me skip this baby. Also as it was new in the market, I was sceptical to pick it up mainly because of the price tag too!

As it was the store which I visit twice or thrice in a week atleast, I saw these beauties getting emptied and stocked back frequently. And it was the time when I actually grabbed the last piece of it in the store – we all girls are really crazy about LE, SE and OOS items, aren’t we? ;)

So it claims to improve the look of your skin in just 5 days. Does it really do that? Read on to know more :)

As I said this body wash comes in a huge bottle and well-priced for the quantity provided. It is actually a crème wash and is said to have real silk ribbons included – maybe true as it really feels silky smooth on skin :D It has a mild and interesting floral fragrance which makes your shower the best! Yes you feel like you’re in the middle of a flower garden! Mmmm yummmm!!

You don’t really need more product as it lathers well and really melts on your skin when put on.
It provides immense moisture in shower and so don’t try to walk around when you have applied this shower crème on your feet or you would slip off – I’m kidding, it isn’t that horrific :P

It helps in retaining a decent level of moisture on your skin post shower which lasts atleast for 2-3 hours which is good for people like me who often forgets to moisturize the skin!

It is claimed to be used as a shaving crème and I tried it out too since I love to shave my arms and legs – :O Uff I’m scared of waxinggggg!! And yes it gives you the super sexy smooth legs after shave but you need to keep washing your razor as the smoothness of this crème prevents the razor from working at it’s best (if you know what I mean).

Coming to it’s claim – improving skin in 5 days – hello who are you kidding?

It doesn’t improve your skin by any means – not texture wise, color wise or rather nature wise. Your skin is the same for how long you use it (I’m using it for past 2.5 on and off and I use it continuously atleast for 2 days a week whenever I pick it up for bathing). Though I never expect skin improvement from my shower products but sad that it was the only claim given on the pack and it looks there were no actual efforts made to make it satisfy the claim!

But definitely you get a luxurious shower with wonderful fragrance, baby soft skin after bath (temporal for few hours, until you moisturize again) and a 2-1 shaving crème (this is the best till date in that case).

Rose petals:

Extraordinary floral fragrance that gives you a luxurious shower and lingers on for 1-2 hours
Works best as a shaving crème
Leaves skin baby soft post shower
Moisturizes skin really well and locks in the moisture for atleast 3 hours
Lathers well
Silky, creamy texture makes it melt on your skin
Huge quantity, would last long


Bulky packaging, not travel friendly – a travel pack could’ve been introduced as shower gels\crèmes come in handy during travel
Fragrance doesn’t last long
Doesn’t satisfy the claims

Recommend\repurchase I have already re-purchased it. But recommendation would really depend on your personal preference as shower products need to suit your personal world! But product wise, yes it is a GOOD product.


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