My True Savior - A Shampoo I Swear By!

I had beautiful straight lengthy clean and shiny hair until my college days and I was super careless in its case! Time passed by and so my shampoos too. I kept trying innumerable number of shampoos without knowing the impact! And the after effects - dull, lifeless acute-hairfall dandruff prone hair.

Though I don't have visible flakes I have dandruff settled down all over my scalp which is my biggest enemy now :( I have tried almost all drugstore anti-dandruff shampoos in the past (from head & shoulders to L'oreal professional - not a drugstore one though). Not only did they miss the battle in completely eliminating dandruff but they also made my hair super rough and frizzy [I had super smooth, soft and silky hair before *Sob Sob*] All shampoos helped in keeping the dandruff at bay but came with their own downsides and never eliminated dandruff completely from my scalp. I wanted a cheaper and effective shampoo for my dandruff as I need to keep re-purchasing it atleast for few years [or maybe a lifetime :( ]!!

When I was looking for it a derma suggested me Nizoral and I started my ground work - yes nowadays I don't purchase anything except groceries without reading reviews ;) Blogger's life you know :P Read on to know about my savior for now atleast :D

What it claims?

What it contains?

How to use?

Price: INR 100 for 100 ml

So i read on and on and found too many good reviews about it. I also got to know the fact that I must use it atleast twice a week for best results. I'm a lazy fella and I wash my hair only once a week. Its over baby you need to be more cautious and active - I told to myself and religiously started using it twice a week.

As it is a pharma product and is not from a cosmetic brand the product comes in a simple cardboard box with a thick white plastic bottle which contains the shampoo. The bottle comes with a flip lid and its quite sturdy that most of the time I open it with my teeth :P The shampoo is baby blue in color with a pearlescent texture. The shampoo is bit on the thicker side as like any other anti-dandruff shampoo and spreads easily as well.

The shampoo unlike all other anti-dandruff shampoos I used didn't even cleanse my scalp super clean after first wash. I was highly disappointed but still wanted to give it a second chance. And patience paid - after the second wash my scalp was super clean and free from all dandruff. The lazy devil in me started coming out and I didn't wash my hair for a week which led to a clumsy dandruff filled scalp again :'(

I was totally fed up but started thinking why the freshness didn't last for a whole week. I kicked my lazy counterpart away and religiously washed my hair twice a week for 2-3 months. Though the shampoo dries out my hair, applying oil before washing my hair totally helps in combating the dryness :D

And after 3 months I wanted to see if the effects lasted for a week or not - not being lazy here but curious :P And hurrah my scalp was super clean with little dandruff poking out slowly after 6 days of washing my hair. Pretty good enough!! I started using it once in a month after that and the results lasted well. And now I can remain carefree for atleast a week without worrying about dandruff and dryness ;)


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