Manicure Madness: Avon Mosaic Effect Top Coat - Let's Crackle it!

A Confession: I'm a drama queen who loves drama in her nail enamel too!
And I love all kinda textured, crackle, glitter, velvette polishes :P :D

And when Avon India launches a crackle top coat for a price of 299 INR who wouldn't be interested to pick it? ;) [They're mostly available on offers and I picked up mine for 199 ;)]

What Avon says:

How To Create The Crackle-Nail Look:

Step 1:

Polish nails with your fave shade of nail enamel.

Step 2:
Apply Mosaic Effects Top Coat over completely dry nail enamel for a dazzling design.

Shades available: Black, Gold Glimmer, Fiery Fuchsia [There are many other shades available in other countries - but Indians aren't so lucky :( ]

Price: INR 299 for 8 ml

My Take on Avon Mosaic Effect Top Coat:

As I confessed already I'm a big fan of different kinds of polishes rather than the regular ones - or maybe can term as I'm bored of regular ones :P
Also I'm an avid fan of and used to purchase a lot of stuffs from other countries (mainly from China\Korea as they are THE BEST in nail art products).

I already owned one crackle nail paint in red color from an unnamed Korean brand and it is just awesome - gives super cute cracksand has a matte finish ;) One was enough to tempt me more and the pricing of these paints are quite high - they cost around 3-4 dollars (lesser than the Avon one though) but it takes nearly a month for them to reach me and sometimes they don't even reach :( So I was scared to order more and was waiting for some brand to launch such nail paints here!

Avon heard me :D :D

These mosaic effect top coats come in the standard super cute Avon packaging - the rectangular bottle with a fine and thick brush applicator.
Out of the 3 shades the black is a matte crackle top coat and the other two are glimmery shades. As I always end up picking black in everything I opted for Gold this time - Just for a change you know and I don't regret ;)

One single coat is enough to fill an entire nail and layering would cause your nail a mess!
Apply your base nail polish and wait for it to completely dry before applying the top coat as it is bit thick and would get mixed up with your base easily. Not blaming the consistency though as it is necessary for such nail paints. The Avon mosaic effect top coat dries like a jiff within a minute but wait before applying a normal top coat or one more coat of the mosaic effect polish. If you ask me, I wouldn't recommend layering the mosaic effect top coat for one more time as it spoils the shatter effect - just one coat and you are set to go!!

On the contrary applying a plain top coat is your personal preference as it extends wear time. In general I don't prefer any top coat over textured and shatter polishes as I feel like it spoils the effect. And if you are worried about the wear time - these top coats last without chipping for 7-8 days which is a big hit for lazy fellas like me :P (a little chipping at the ends are normal though).

I layered it over a mint green matte nail paint from Deborah to enhance the crackle effect and the gold just gleams and glitters!! :D :D

Rose Petals:

Lasts without chipping for nearly 7-8 days
Gives beautiful and even shatter
Get you manicure done instantly with them ;)
Cute bottle
Wonderful shades
Right quantity for the price paid - would last long
Easily available - can be bought through Avon reps.


None except that these aren't affordable for people who are on budget and for college goers. But don't worry, Avon has offers every month ;)

Just watch out this video from Avon - a quick and easy nail art made with their Mosaic effect top


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