Avon Simply Pretty Suede Collection Nail Polishes

Sometime back (maybe even an year before :P) Avon came up with the Suede nail paints and being a nail art freak I had to buy them :D

Suede nail polishes are nothing but matte effect polishes with glitters in them which don’t give the shine but stays in to give a good effect to the texture! I’m a big time matte lover and I even own a matte top coat ;) So these polishes fascinated me and haunted me in my dreams for a while :P

Price: INR 99 (As like all avon products I got them on an offer 2 for 149 ;))

Availability: Sorry guys I guess this has been discontinued but always check with your Avon rep. and you may get it!

Shades available in India:

Touch of taupe, Soft violet, Violet crème, Blue royale and Sumptuous rose

There were 5 shades in this and I picked up 4 of them ;)

So how are they?

These comes in tiny super cute glass bottles as like the simply pretty nail paints.
They give a beautiful matte\suede finish which would be loved by everyone – you don’t have to be a matte lover to love this ;)

As these are matte nail paints they dry quickly, so you need to be bit faster while applying.
They last for a week if 2 coats are applied though it gives a super opaque finish with just one coat. But there is chipping around the corners within a day.

These are said to be applied without any base or top coat. But I always prefer using my Sally Hansen hard as nails before applying anything on my nails. And these nail paints look super cute with a top coat too! :D

They are easy to remove and to my astonishment they didn’t leave my nails yellow. Despite of applying a base coat most of the nail paints stain my nails and I’m really happy that this doesn’t! :)
Easy on the pocket as it comes for a super cheap price when compared to other matte nail polishes available in the market.

Nail Swatches:

Touch of Taupe

A beautiful taupe and excellent neutral shade, my favourite among the lot!

Soft Violet
A punchy dark violet shade - perfect for winters!
They look gorgeous in pics ;)

Sumptuous Rose

A red pink which is bright and casual at the same time. Summery!

Blue Royale

As the name says its a rich royal blue nail paint which instantly brightens up your nails and gives you the confidence to flaunt your nails :P My second favourite!

A dupe for this: Maybelline ColorShow Denim Dash. denim dash is a bit light in texture than this but the shades are same to same!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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