Travelling to my dream destiny Goa – with SkyScanner

I’m here with this post inspired by the contest held by Blogadda in coherence with SkyScanneryour one shot travel planner. Than the interest to win prizes I was actually interested to do this post because I’m a travel freak and I loveeee travelling. And this place which I haven’t visited till date is always in my dreams!!

Before heading on to my actual travelogue (dream travelogue), let me speak a little about  my experience with SkyScanner – the one I gained while I was planning for my travel to the dream destiny :P

I visited the site just for fun and to know how it is different from other travel planners and I must admit I’m quite impressed! I have already decided to have my honey moon trip planned through SkyScanner ;) (but the trip is not anywhere near, I must be married first :P)

The site is quite simple and elegant by design and very easy to navigate. You can book flights, hotel rooms, cars and buses (powered by RedBus) as well through SkyScanner as part of your travel plan. After making this dream travel plan to Goa I conclude SkyScanner is the best travel planner available online :D

Read-on to know how efficient it is and how I planned my travel too :P

So my dream destiny is Goa – it’s the heaven on earth with beaches and sand everywhere :)

Note: Popeye the sailor man and Olive Oyl are my favourite couple (don’t ask me why please – it’s a childhood discovery) and this travelogue is going to be about their life ;)

Here we move on:

Popeye is a sailor and he loves spinach. But when he saw Olive he started loving her more than spinach After conversing with her for a while he proposed to Olive :)

 Olive wasn’t happy to accept the proposal as she wasn’t finding Popeye handsome or interesting either. There comes Bluto, a body builder and Olive starts liking him. Popeye got to know that Bluto is not a good guy and he made Olive realise that too. When Olive saw Popeye fighting with Bluto for her, she was impressed! Guess what – she accepted his proposal :D

 On a fine day Popeye and Olive got married and Olive was waiting for her wedding gift from Popeye!

Popeye turned up with the gift and Olive eagerly unwrapped it – but to her dismay, see what the gift was :P

Yes!! It was a pack of spinach :P Olive was very much disappointed and she started weeping :( Popeye couldn’t see her crying and jumped onto his laptop to find out the best gift for her ;)

While he was browsing and looking for the perfect gift he came across SkyScanner! He was totally impressed seeing the descriptions and the outlook of the site (jus like me :D) and he decided to go ahead with a vacation plan ;)

Popeye knows that Olive loves beach and he chose Goa as the destination for his plan :)
So here comes his (or my :P) travel planning :D Hope you enjoy it too!

They planned to start on August 22nd, 2014 as it was Olive’s birthday (2 in 1 gift baby :P)

Here is where you select and plan :)

 They went for economical class and as the site listed the flights in a beautiful style (you can select for entire round trip or for single individual and view the prices) and the prices were listed in ascending order – easy to pick the least priced one :P

Flight chosen

So he decided to start in the IndiGo flight on 22nd as it started way good in the morning :)
Tickets booked for flight – fata fattt :D

Here is the to and fro travel flight details altogether:

Flight trip details

On the lookout of hotels, Popeye chose a mid-range superior room at jüSTa Panjim, located at Caranzalem Miramar. This particular hotel was rated 4.5 stars by

About the hotel and few more pics :)

They went and settled down in their beautiful deluxe room and Olive was full of smiles :) :)

Hotel front
The reception - it looks majestic :)
The dining - pretty decent!

Our room - royal ;) :D
The washroom - a bad angle pic :P
Oh wait! You wanna know what did they do for further plans? Heading on to Goa was not the only plan but roaming around too :P Why worry when we have SkyScanner buddy!!

Popeye smartly booked for a car as well and since it was only for two, just a budget vehicle with A\C solved their needs. Initially he was planning to book vehicles then and there or book through SkyScanner for the hours they require everyday! But it was a spoiled plan dude – booking together for 3 days is the brainy idea :D

I hate one thing in this step – can’t we have an ‘any’ option for driver’s age? :P Other than that its super fine and convenient - no complaints ;)

So after all the planning they visited the below places in Goa :D

The Mahalakshmi temple:

And finally the CASINO ROYALE :D :D ;)
Oh C'mon! Goa is famous for beaches, bik*n*s and the grand Casino :P :D

Popeye and Olive returned back happily after the trip and all thanks to SkyScanner – now Popeye knows what Olive loves ;) And…………….

The Happy Note: A Big Thanks To Blogadda And SkyScanner For RunningThis Contest. I thoroughly Enjoyed Each And Every Bit Of This Vacation Planning And Must Admit, SkyScanner Makes Life Easy - Atleast Travel Planning Easy!! :)
This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at

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