PP Review Meter: Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover

Honestly though I own a lot of makeup I don’t use them often. I get some reason every time to skip using them and regret later! But I always wanted to invest in a good makeup remover and I was looking for something that would help removing both face, eye and lip makeup altogether as using different removers for each is a pain for me (Lazy you know :P)

I was planning to buy the Maybelline or Lakme makeup removers but still as I have oily-combination skin I felt that they might leave my skin greasy due to the bi-phase nature. Later when I checked this remover in Avon brochure I was attracted by its classy and simple packaging and wanted to try it. I didn’t have a rep. to get me this and was sobbing for few months coz of it :(

As this was also a bi-phase one, the eager drained slowly. But the packaging was haunting my mind. 2 months later I got a rep and at the same time the makeup remover was on a 30% off offer ;)
Two-in-one deal :D I picked it up and to know whether it’s a love or ditch read on :)

Price: 399 INR for 75 ml (I got it for 299 back then but the price is hiked now)


It comes in a simple, cute and classy white bottle with a black flip cap. The cap is fit with the bottle firmly helping in making it travel friendly. This was the main feature that attracted me ;)

What it claims?

What it contains?

My take on Avon Face & Eye makeup remover

Firstly though it is a bi-phase remover I personally don’t feel that it contains more oil. The bottle needs to be shaken well before use for expected results. The remover is a white runny liquid which doesn’t feel greasy at all! It feels just a little opaque than H2O. So it’s a big yayy for me as I hate using oil for removing makeup since it give me troubles – blurs vision, makes skin feel oily forcing to deep clean my skin again!

The remover really does what it claims! With just a few drops on your cotton pad all your face makeup and regular\matte lipsticks come off with just a light single swipe :D But for removing kajal, waterproof eyeliners you would need a little stronger second swipe and your mascara needs even more effort to get removed completely. But I wouldn’t blame the product for that as it is the same case even with olive oil for me. It doesn’t sting at all which I feel is the best part of the remover. Though I don’t have super sensitive eyes but my eyes are a little sensitive indeed and I didn’t feel like I have applied a makeup remover on my eyes when I use this. So it scores a 100\100 here!!

The worst part is I personally feel that this remover leaves your eyes dry after removing your eye makeup with force as I always tend to splash my eyes with water immediately after removing my makeup with it. Also it makes your eye look dead and lifeless but I don’t mind coz I would never be using it in the middle of day :P Also it leaves a little oil residue back in the skin which doesn’t irritate me as it disappears after splashing water on my face most of the time.

Removes lipsticks, eyeshadows and other makeup at one swipe!
But you kajal, waterproof liner and mascaras would need a second swipe or little more effort :(

Rose petals:

Super classy travel friendly packaging
Best buy as it is for face & eyes when most of the makeup removers come for just eyes & lips
Paraben free
Didn't blur my vision or make my eyes uncomfy
Didn’t break me out
Comfortable and light weight texture
Removes makeup effectively and leaves skin clean
Ophthalmologist-tested and safe for contact lens wearers
One bottle would easily last for 3 months if used everyday
Total value for money
As it is oil based it is good for those with dry skin


Not easily available, can be got only through Avon representatives (but it is an easy job now as there are many avon reps. Available)
I personally feel it is bit costly – but a real good deal as it is paraben free
Can sting sensitive eyes a bit
Dries out my skin around the eyes a little
Makes eyes look dull (but again I feel this would probably happen with most of the makeup removers)

Recommend? Yes definitely!

Repurchase? Not now as I’m eyeing on the new release from Maybelline ;) But I hope would definitely get back to this if I’m not happy with MBL!!


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