PP Review Meter: Fiama Di Wills Gel Bathing Bar in La Fantasia

Are you a lover of fresh, gel-ish, glycerine based products?
Then read on! This post is for you!! ;)

Product Type: Body\Skin Care - Soap

Prodcuct Name: Fiama Di Wills Gel Bathing Bar in La Fantasia

Price: INR 52 for 125 gms

Shelf Life: 15 Months

About the Product:

Fiama Di Wills Gel Bathing Bar

A Sensuous Bathing Experience meets Irresistibly Soft Skin with Fiama Di Wills Shower Gels and Gel Bathing Bars.
They are enriched with Skin Conditioners with Moisture Lock giving you soft, moisturized and youthful skin round the clock.
Fiama Di Wills Gel Bathing Bar is handcrafted using ITC's Innovative Liquid Crystal Freezing Technology, which freezes gel into a bar. Made up of exotic natural ingredients like Peach, Avocado, Seaweed and Lemon Grass, the Gel Bathing Bar is mild and gives you a long lasting fragrance which sees you through the day.

La Fantasia is a beautiful Neon Pink gel bathing bar with a mild fruity fragrance that makes you enjoy your bath. It activates your senses instantly making you extend your shower time :P

The soap comes in a card board carton inside which the soap is packed well in a silver cover (I loved this cover! it was so thick and you can even re-use it to hold the soap during travels ;))

The speciality about this soap is that despite being a Glycerine based product, its shape (a tear drop shape) makes it easily hold able – it isn’t slippery like rest of the soaps! :D It lathers well and cleanses skin very effectively. Doesn’t leave any trace of dirt\oil on the skin and also doesn’t form a slippery layer on your skin like few moisture based bars do!

Despite being so nice it does have few cons like having all horrible chemicals (SLS :() and DRIES OUT SKIN!! It literally makes your skin feel dry and kinda rough. So a good moisturizer after bath is a MUST :)

But I cannot expect everything for the price I paid! This is really an effective soap at a decent price. Apt for summers as it controls body odour to a great extent ;)

Rose Petals:

Smells heavenly, girly :P
Pocket friendly
Safe packaging, travel friendly
Lathers well and cleanses skin efficiently
Cute shape, comfortable to handle and use
Controls body odour to an extent


Gets used up quickly if not kept in dry place
Contains SLS and other chemicals
Dries out skin badly :(


Ah well! It is summer and I will definitely pick any other flavour of it now ;)
 Recommended for normal\oily skin beauties – please follow up with a good moisturizer :)
Dry skin beauties can stay away from this! Or if you want to indulge too, then be prepared with a high level moisturizer ;)

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