P&P Review Meter: Liril 2000 Soap

There is no greater warmth than the feeling of touch of your loved ones. It is a gesture of real contact and happiness. Therefore it is important that we keep every part of our skin fresh and clean because only fresh, clean skin is touchable.


There are about 2000 parts in the body that are sensitive to touch, but only if the skin is clean, fresh and full of life!

New Liril 2000 makes every part of your skin come alive with freshness. Its combination of lime extracts and tea tree oil freshens and cleanses skin. Liril keeps skin germ-free and so beautiful that you cannot resist touching it.

New Liril 2000 for fresh, touchable skin. For all your 2000 body parts so you keep germs away and loved ones close.

About The Brand:

  • One of the oldest soap brands in India
  • A brand that has been consistent in bringing alive freshness
  • A brand that has managed to create breakthrough advertising over the years

There are 5 signs of healthy skin – Pimple free, Itch free, Odor free, Non oily, Fresh & Clean!
Presenting new Liril 2000 with Nature’s best kept secret – Tea Tree Oil. The essence of this native Australian Wonderplant gives you protection from germs!!

5 signs of health skin :)


Price: 26 INR for 75 g and 45 INR for 125 g

How Liril 2000 fared me?

I have ued this soap earlier in my college days and never got it again because I’m not a soap person all the time and I don’t prefer using I soap\body wash. I keep switching them everytime! God knows why?!

I picked up this soap again recently just for 2 reasons: I love its super fresh fragrance and the appearance.

The soap has a very fresh lime based fragrance that instantly freshens up your senses and makes your day start off very fresh :)

They leave your skin fresh and clean. But it kinda makes your skin dry so you will definitely need to follow-up with your favourite moisturizer. I don’t use it for face (I prefer using face wash) so can’t comment on the pimple free skin promise. Other than that it is a very nice soap good to be used especially during summers.

Rose Petals:

Fresh fragrance
Beautiful color and cute gel bits in between
Keeps your skin clean and fresh
Awakens your senses


Can’t find any cons

Rating: 4 out of 5

Repurchase: No I’m not a kinda person who repeats getting same soap again :P 

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