Manicure Madness: L'Oreal Sunset Collection Color Rich Le Vernis - Riviere Amethyst (Special Edition)

Hello Lovelies!

This post is going to be very special as it is about a Special Edition nail enamel from L'Oreal Festive De Cannes Collection :)
Yes! It is Riviere Amethyst - A black base polish filled in with copper glitter of various sizes. The polishes in this range are so elegant and rich looking that every girl would love to own atleast one of these beauties. Of course, I'm a glad owner! :D

Price: 235 INR

Shades available: Copper Cuff (821), Bronze Parure (822), Riviere Amethyst (823), Flaming Sunset (824),Amethyst (827), Argent (828)

Packaging: The polish comes in a square bottle and the outer carton is so rich and elegant! Perfect to be named as Sunset collection :)

Let's move on to Riviere amethyst now! It is a beautiful black polish with hexa copper glitters of various sizes.

Isn't it looking festive kind? :)
Now coming to the brush, it has the worst ever brush i would say :( Yes, the bristles are long and wide. They don't help in even application and the polish gets on the cuticles how hard you try not to.

Apart from the flat big brush this polish has no other cons really. It lasts for 4 days without chipping (with top coat) and starts to chip after that. But without a top coat, you can't even trust it to stay for 24 hours even, it flakes and peels off!

So here are some swatches of the polish and some manicures to style it up :D


Summing up the pros and cons :)

Rose Petals:

Rich color, just 1-2 coats can fill in the nail completely
Festive kind - best for festives, night out, parties
Good choice of shades
The various sized glitters make it look so elegant and special


I feel it a bit pricey
Starts chipping easily without a top coat
The brush - a big dud!

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