Konad Sandy Nail Polishes

Hurrah! The costly affair is now affordable.
Yes sand or textured polish is no more only from costly brands and no more waiting to get them thro’ international sites or no more long wait! Konad has released their sandy polishes past in July :)

Konad says “Professional 3D Nail Art Effect with Perfect Texture Just Like from Glittering Sands of the Beach on Sunny Summer Day.”

Quantity: 9.5 ml

Price: 350 INR

Availability in India: Available @ www.nailsandbeauty.in

Shades: Deep Silver, Cloudy Gold, Coral Bronze, Light Silver, Pastel White, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Orange, Tangerine, Pastel Violet, Refined Blue, Pastel Pink

Enjoy the piccys.. See yo next time :)

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