P&P Review Meter: W7 Sparkle Eyeliner

What it claims?

Glitterize your eyes with W7 Sparkle Eyeliner
Create a dazzling effect with these amazing colours, which contain glitter for beautiful eccentric looking eyes. Be the person you have always wanted to be.
Lovely glittery eyeliner, perfect for parties and clubbing. Long handle brush for easier application.

How to use?

Create your own effects - one coat gives a hint of sparkle, try lots of build able layers for more dramatic effects.
Try one coat of each of the 6 colours for a mixed sparkle effect (dry between coats for best results)


    Gold, Silver, Blue, green, black, red

My take on W7 Sparkle Eyeliner

First of all, I’m not very fond of glitter (except on my nails – I just ❤ them on my nails :D) as it makes me appear like a disco ball most of the times. But when I saw these cute little glitter liners on Ebay I just fell in love with them especially for their cute packaging and the not-so-prominent soft glitters.

I bought it for around 120 INR (it was almost a year back). I picked it up in blue as off late I had no good colored liners by that time.

As the description says, these are party wear liners in bright shades with a pop of glitter. The glitter is not very prominent to make you feel uncomfy, they are quiet decent. These liners can be worn on their own for a dazzling glittery effect but would works better when topped on smoky eye or regular black liner as they are little sheer in nature.

This liner is water resistant but not water proof – it runs away when you wash your face leaving all the dirty glitter particles behind :(. The liner is not transfer-resistant as well, it gets transferred easily in 2-3 hours when used alone and in around 4 hours when used as a top layer.

The best part of the liner which attracted me is its brush. It has a long brush unlike other regular liners that have short brushes for easy application. But the brush is quiet comfortable to be held in hand and line the eyes. The application end is made of super soft fiber and glides on very smoothly when applied. I will always have the brush even if the liner gets over! :P

Here is the swatch on how it appears with just a single coat:


Rose Petals:

Vibrant shades
Not-so-prominent glitter particles
Travel friendly packaging
Works wonderfully when topped on smoky eyes
Soft and comfortable brush
Little sheer so when used on top of black liner, just a one coat would make you party queen


Transfers after sometime

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

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