P&P Review Meter: L’Oreal Professional Instant Clear Purifying Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Quantity: 250 ML

Price: 495 INR

Packaging: It comes in a thick and round plastic bottle with a flip cap

Texture: Thick white liquid

What it claims?

Instant clear shampoo – instant dandruff elimination*. α-PiritoneTM, Zin Pyrithione, α-bisabolol and enriched in vitamin PP. Result – a scalp that is effectively purified and rebalanced. Hair feels light, shiny and is easy to style.
*Visible flakes

How to use?

Spread over wet hair. Massage. Leave it for atleast 2 minutes and rise thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

My take on L’Oreal Instant clear Anti Dandruff Shampoo

I have a worst dandruff problem and have been using L’Oreal Instant clear shampoo for past 1 year and thought why not review it?!

I have tough dandruff which is flaky sometimes and becomes an oily patch on my scalp sometime. The shampoo comes in a white round plastic bottle which is very thick and doesn’t break easily. It has the regular flip cap as like other shampoos but the cap is also made of thick material and it needs a little effort to open it.

Coming to the shampoo, it is a thick white liquid which needs to be diluted with water while using. You really don’t need to apply the shampoo as it is on your scalp as it is so thick in consistency. So one bottle lasts for a good time of more than 3 months when used once a week (I have long hair, and if your hair is short it might last even longer).

This shampoo helps in clearing off even the last traces of dandruff on your scalp and keep it clean and fresh. The shampoo is not as drying as like other anti-dandruff shampoos. It doesn’t make my hair rough or dry; it helps to maintain my hair’s moisture level.

Though the shampoo helps clearing dandruff instantly the results doesn’t last long – it lasts only for a week. And after a week the dandruff keeps coming again. So this doesn’t eliminate dandruff as it claims but reduces its occurrence.



  • Neat and strong packaging
  • Helps keeping dandruff at bay
  • Has a mild fragrance that doesn’t affect even sensitive nose people
  • Has a thick consistency that can be diluted while using – so lasts long
  • Lathers well
  • Keeps scalp fresh and clean
  • Doesn’t dry out hair like other dandruff shampoos


  • Doesn’t completely eliminate dandruff
  • Bit costly but lasts long
  • Availability – can be bought only in reputed salons or online

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