Haul time: BuyInCoins Electronic Beauty Products

It was during the month of December, a month before the so called Birthday Month and I wanted to get some electronic beauty products from BuyInCoins which was big time on my wish list when Mr. A offered to get them for me as a Pre-birthday gift :D

As you all know (most of you know), BuyInCoins is a Hong Kong\China based International Shopping site that sells Electronics, Mobiles, Music players, Speakers, Cosmetics, Nail art tools, Fashion Jewellery, Dresses etc. It is basically a multi-branded, multi-category site which sells all items at a very affordable and beneficial price.

So here is what I bought from BIC:

Cute Monkey Hand Nail Art Tips Polish Dryer - $3.68

A Facial Pore Cleanser - $3.3

Electric Long Lasting Heated Eyelash Curler - $1.57

All of them are battery operated. Some work on AA size and some work on AAA sized batteries.

Here are the individual pictures of these cuties :)

The pore cleaner

The eyelash curler

The Nail Polish Dryer

And the cutest part of the haul, the monkey nail polish dryer.. He is the hero of this haul and the most adorable pick among them :D

I will review them later when I start using them often :P

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