Virtual Cards to Enter The Virtual World

Are you scared of using your credit card online on some website because you feel that it might be fraudulent or a security threat, but still wanna shop with them? If that’s the case, then welcome to the world of Virtual credit cards, which are the super safest key to the virtual\online shopping world!

What is a Virtual Credit Card (VCC)?

A virtual credit card (VCC) is an add-on Visa credit card issued on your primary credit card. It does not have any plastic existence. All relevant details like the card number, the validity period and the CVV numbers are visible\provided online. The virtual credit card enables you to transact online with a credit limit of your choice.

The Card can be used to shop online at any merchant website that accepts Visa Cards, without any difference from a regular plastic Card. The Card will be issued by on the selected account and actual debit to the account will take place only when the Card is used.

How to get a VCC?

You can instantly create it, using your net-banking facility by providing your credit card or debit card details. All relevant details like the card number, the ‘VALID FROM’ date, the expiry date and the CVV number are visible online to you and this virtual credit card enables you to transact online with a credit limit of your choice.
You yourself create a virtual credit card on your bank website. During creation of VCC, you can specify the limit for the virtual credit card and it can be used only once, so if a website stores your credit card information even then it cannot be used again.

You can refer to the below link for detailed steps on getting your VCC in different banks:

Limit of a Virtual Credit Card

The minimum limit is Rs.1\- and the maximum limit is what you set (or) adheres with your actual plastic card limit.

Validity of a VCC

The virtual credit card is valid only for a single use and automatically expires within 24 hours if the virtual credit card is not used, which means that the chances of credit card fraud or misuse are significantly lower than a real credit card. Also understand that if you hold a VISA card, then the virtual card which you will get will be VISA one and if it’s Master Card, then it’s going to obviously be a Master card.

How to use VCC?

The key details of your VCC like the card number, expiry date etc. are used when you transact online, but your primary card details are never shared with the merchant online, so you never have to be worried about losing your card or having to carry it ‘safely’ in your wallet. Since no physical plastic card is issued, VCC can be used for online transactions only.

Here are the steps to use VCC:
  • Select required goods\ services on merchant’s website.
  • Select Debit Card\Visa Card of your bank from the payment options.
  • Enter the Virtual Card details on the website.
  • Enter your secure 8-Digit password (OTP), received on your mobile.
  • After successful validation, you will receive SMS on your registered mobile confirming the transaction.
  • After the transaction, the Card will be de-activated and cannot be used again.
It is always safer to keep your limit as Rs.1 so that when you have to shop, you can increase your limit to the required amount and it gets updated immediately and you can make the payment. Keeping the limit as Rs.1 helps in having your card secure so that no one can misuse it. Also it has a secure pin for online trading similar to actual cards and that helps with full security.

Additional information on VCC

At present, all banks provide VCC free of cost.
VCC are International cards, can be used on all websites.
Banks in India which offer instant virtual cards are:

  • HDFC NetSafe
  • Kotak netc@rd
  • SBI-Virtual Card
  • Axis Eshop


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