Know The Basics: It’s Time to Care about Your Intimates

Hello all lovely ladies here!

I’m here today with a different topic. Yes as the title says, I’m here to talk about intimate care. No! No! No! Not about your intimate friends and people :P but about the intimate parts of your own physic.
Yes, as a woman we undergo so many changes in our lives not only in terms of relationships, social life, career etc. but also physically. So it is always essential to take care of your physic in a way that it doesn’t bother you when you are climbing up in your life ladder.
The metabolic change a woman undergoes puts her into trouble at times causing so many problems like vaginal infections, nappy rashes which when left unnoticed can lead to serious health problems. So it is always vital for a woman, be at any age, to take good care of her intimates and here are few tips and suggestions to do  that :) Read on ladies!

Tips on Vaginal Care

Always prefer wearing cotton under garments as cotton absorbs moisture and allows free flow of air to the genital area. Moisture can breed certain vaginal infections.

Loose-fitted clothing allows better air circulation. Avoid wearing tight fitted clothes (pants\swim suits etc.) for a long time as they tend to absorb moisture from body leading to dryness and irritation.

Avoid using perfumed\deodorant soaps, bubble bath and colored toilet paper as they contain chemicals which can irritate the vagina and external genital area.

Avoid using deodorants or perfumes on your vaginal area as they might cause irritation or damage the tissues of the genital parts.

Take a lot of fluid foods (water, fresh juices etc. not Alcohol or aerated juices) and eat healthy food.

Pads should not be left in place for too long. Change pads at least three times a day whether you need to or not.

Always clean your vagina with water or use toilet papers to clean them after urination or bowel movement to avoid bacterial infections and drying out.

Always wipe your vaginal region from front to back and not from back to front as bacteria from the rectal area can cause vaginal infections.

Never use petroleum jelly or oils for vaginal lubrication. This can create a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

If you are being treated for a vaginal infection, use all the medication as directed, even if you think you are better (until your doctor confirms to stop them).

Important: Always clean your vaginal area using an intimate wash (also called feminine\genital\perineal wash) like Lactacyd, Feminelle etc. as it would help in keeping the place bacteria free and also help in preserving  the skin.

Even intimate wipes can be used in between the day to keep the sensitive areas fresh and clean.

Bikini hair removal

Ensure you trim your bikini hair regularly.

Clean the area well before shaving\waxing.

Always be careful while trimming\shaving\waxing and apply a good moisturizer post removal to keep the skin hydrated.

If experiencing any cuts or boils, clean immediately with cold water or ice and follow-up with proper medicinal care.

Nappy\Panty Rash – How to treat them?

Nappy rashes could be due to many reasons like intensive sweating, dry skin, so much of activity making the part rub a lot causing friction etc.
Here are some tips to keep it at bay or atleast treat it properly to get it cured:

First things first! Wash your panties cleanly everyday (the best way is to wash them immediately after removing it and not to store them for a week and wash as a bunch since it would become a breeding place for bacteria and fungus). 

If you tend to get rashes every time because of a particular under garment, be dare enough to throw it away or prefer soaking it in a solution of your regular detergent with a little Dettol added to it.

Drink loads of water as it can really help in making your skin better keeping infections at bay.

If you get a rash, don’t scratch it or disturb it! Leave it without disturbance as scratching would cause it to aggravate.

Once you get a rash or itchy feel, just wash that part of your body with cold water and apply on your favourite moisturizer or some coconut oil. It does miracles seriously! The itchiness and rash goes away or atleast fades away with few hours!! (I always use my Ponds moisturizer on rashes – it doesn’t help as a normal body moisturizer but helps well in curing rashes :P)

 Bra\underwear Washing Tips

  Always try to wash your intimate wears separately as they are so delicate and might get spoilt when washed with other garments. Otherwise your oh! My beautiful pink bra could turn into a dirty black stained cloth or the cute polka dotted red panty might look the dullest one.

A Lingerie washing bag can be used to lock your lingerie separately if you’re preferring to wash your lingerie with other clothes or while using a washing machine.

The best method to wash your lingerie is as below:
Mix 1 part of your regular detergent with 2 parts of any shampoo and soak your lingerie in it for not more than half an hour (can use even a mild liquid detergent rather than your regular detergent powder as it doesn’t leave any white patch later). Then wash them softly and slowly (don’t brush them harsh as like you do your jeans). Alternatively, can cork your wash basin and wash your lingerie in it.

Always dry your lingerie in shade and never in direct sun as it would spoil your clothing.

Don’t clip your bra in the pad area while drying; If you need to, clip it somewhere near the straps or you can even put on the hooks to prevent them from flying. You can also use your cloth hangers to dry your lingerie.

Washing OK, but how to store them??

You can use separate small bags or the lingerie bags themselves to store them so that they will be safe and you can pick them out easily even if you’re in a hurry!

Alternatively, you can use those specific bra bags :)

You can also design your closet in such a way that you have a compartmentalised drawer (like the one below) so that you can store your lingerie separately in them.
Also these days you get lingerie\innerwear organizer separately which can also be used to store your intimates!

Is my bra alive?

 So here is a bonus tip for all of you (from Skinny mom) about detecting the life of your lingerie:

So ladies what are you waiting for?? Step down and start digging your closet to pull ‘em out and sort them as you wish :D

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