Credit\Debit Card Safety Tips

Hello all!!

Here are the most important pointers you will need to keep in mind before entering the Online Shopping world! Yes this world is a fantasy for everyone who hasn’t entered it and a “Be Cautious” space for all who live there. So always Be Cautious if you are gonna shop online and once you get to know the tactics, you’re the queen there :)

 Let’s come to the safety pointers now:

     Firstly, as soon as you receive your credit card, sign the back of it. If you lose a card that doesn't have your signature, someone else may sign it and use that card as you.

     Memorize your CVV number and scrape it off from the back of card (yes you can do it and it is permitted).

     Always remember that your credit\debit cards are as valuable and similar as cash. Treat them that way.

     Never write down your account number or PIN anywhere. If required, write it down and keep it secure – maybe in your locker.

     Make a list of the card numbers you own, their expiration dates, and the toll-free numbers of your card companies and keep it in a safe place, separate from where you keep your cards so that you can use this information if you ever have to report your card theft.

     Always save the toll free\contact number of your credit\debit card bank in your mobile so that you can get it handy if your card is lost or stolen.

     While travelling somewhere, always carry only the cards you would require and not all the cards you own so that you can prevent losing them or forgetting which cards you took.

     Report immediately to your bank if your card is lost or stolen, do not delay as it might lead to a big loss. I once lost my debit card and delayed an hour to file a complaint and in that meanwhile I lost Rs.4500. I couldn’t get it back at all, so beware!

     Cut your expired credit cards into two and dispose them, don’t just throw them away as it is since it could lead to misuse.

     Check all details and the total on any charge slips before you sign them.

     If possible, keep the charge slips with you so that you can verify them against your credit card statement when it arrives.

     Best way is to subscribe for estatement and mobile banking for your cards so that you would receive an email\text message whenever cash from you card is debited.

     Notify your bank immediately if any error or unauthorised transactions found in your statements.

     Destroy all your charge slips before throwing them away.

     Shred anything that has your credit card number\account number on it.

     Review your credit card statement\transactions carefully and immediately report to your bank if you find anything unusual, or transactions that you don't recognize\you didn’t do.

     While using in online transactions, always prefer using virtual keyboard (except when you use on your personal PC which would be used only by you or your partner).

     Always prefer using secure websites. Don't enter your credit card number in any unsecure website. Before entering your card details, ensure that the site is secure (notice the address bar would have a "https" in the beginning rather than http).

     Make sure that the site is secured by some security authority like VeriSign, GeoTrust etc. Watch out for some logo as like below (they might also have a lock icon at right bottom corner or at top right after site address).


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