Manicure Madness: Three color gradient nails - I love candies :)

Hello all lovelies!

Here is the Nail art of the week. Gradient nails are on the hottest trend now and many brands have started selling set of gradient polishes :)

So why not we jus join the craze?? :D

I tried on gradient nails with candy color polishes this week and here are the pics:

The actual colors used are a perfect candy red, a bright pink and a candy orange shades.

Above is a collage which shows the colors both in flash light and in normal light.

I recently bought a animal print mobile pouch and here's a pic of that. This pic shows the colors best but they look very pale here (they aren't this pale in real)

The nail polishes used are:

Nail juice nail paint in shade 38 (Hibiscus)
VOV nail paints in neon pink and orange

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