Haul Time: New addition to nail care and a review - Myntra.com

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This post is just a quick review about one of the most popular online shopping sites in India "Myntra".

On a top note, i love my nails so much but i have very feeble and brittle nails which break very often. :( So I'm on a verge to find some good products for my nails that would really help in strengthening them!

After so much of confusion, i decided to try Konad's nail hardener and cuticle remover as i found them promising and budget friendly as well ;)

So i was searching to buy them online and that is when i came across http://www.myntra.com/.

It is one of the popular online shopping sites in India which sells products of different categories like clothes, skin care and makeup products, footwear etc., As like all other sites, I saw these products here also with a little discounted price. But the shipping was Rs.59 (they offer free shipping only above Rs.799 :( ). I was little irritated by this as the total was already around 500 Rs and an extra 60 just laid me back (because there are sites which offer free shipping above Rs.350).

Then suddenly i noticed that there was some sale going on and found a discount code. Just tried it out and voila! around Rs.88 was reduced from my total. While comparing with other sites, this was lesser! :D So this is my story of ordering the products. :P

And here comes the best part i really wanted to share with you guys. I ordered them on 18th April, 2013 and received an email\sms immediately confirming my order and payment. And the next day (today) morning, i received an email\sms stating that the parcel is out for delivery with the delivery person name and mobile number. Isn't that super cool? :D Getting your order delivered within just 17-18 is exciting isn't it?? :D :D So i love Myntra.com.

And here is the eye candy (atleast for me :P). Btw, i love the packaging of these beauties very much! :)


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