DIY: Make your own Matte Top Coat

Hello all pretty ladies! How are you? :)
This is my first DIY here and I’m bit nervous as how it would turn up to be.
Among the latest hot Nail trends, Matte nails are on top these days. Many of us here are so fond of Matte nail paints and we really love having them on our nails. But there are only two options for us – either to get matte nail paint or a matte top coat. Matte nail paints are quiet affordable but we cannot collect them in all possible shades we love as we would end up spending all our money on them. Other way we can go ahead and get a Matte top coat but many of us here couldn’t afford for it as they are on the higher end pricewise.
So here comes the sparkling idea: Why not make your own matte top coat? :D
Yes, you can make your own matte top coat at a very affordable price (Maybe 20 to 30 INR). Enough of speaking lets picturize!!

Things required:
1. Your favourite nail paint in any color
2. A clear top coat (Cheaper the better)
3. Corn starch or Talcum powder
4. A bowl or trap for mixing
5. Qtips, cotton swabs, polish remover\removing pads to cleanup the mess

Here are the steps to make your own top coat:
Step 1: Make all the items ready and keep them handy.

Step 2: Paint your nails with your favourite nail polish.

Step 3: Take the bowl or tray and add in the required amount of clear top coat into it for mixing.
Caution: From here on, you will need to have a real fast hand as the mixture could dry up easily.
Step 4: Add the corn starch\talc with the top coat in the bowl.

A tip here: If you are lazy and don’t like to keep mixing it for each time, you can add the talc into your top coat bottle and shake it well.
Caution: The mattifying effect depends on the amount of talc you add – so be cautious as if it exceeds the required quantity then your nails might end up looking like pulled out of a tub of starch.
Step 5: Mix them well until you get the required consistency. It must look like a semi-white top coat.

Step 6: Apply this mixture evenly on your nails as like you apply your regular top coat and let it dry.

Step 7: Here are your Mattified nails :):D

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