Hello all here on MAU!

Today I’m taking a step to review about Lakme daily wear soufflé. This has been made with the intention to be used as a daily wear crème but I have heard from many people saying that it doesn’t work that way. So I have a different idea here to use it. Hope it might help you.:)

Price: 99 INR for 30 ml
Shades available:  Pearl, Marble and Shell
Packaging: Tub

What it claims?

  • A lightweight water-based foundation that gently evens out your complexion.
  • With the goodness of sunscreen, cucumber extracts and vitamin E, it provides UV protection in addition to soothing and moisturizing your skin, giving you a flawless glow!
  • For long lasting flawless radiance, apply face magic daily wear soufflé before stepping out everyday!

What it contains:
Sunscreen, cucumber extracts and vitamin E

My views on daily wear soufflé:

I really loved the way the packaging looked. But it’s tough to take out the product with fingers as they get into the nails. Hence I use either a spatula or my face sponge to take out the product.:)
I am fair skinned and when I went to get this product for myself, the SA suggested me the marble shade. Instead, I just said a ‘No’ and went on with the ‘natural shell’ shade. The reason is, I already possess several foundations which match up my skin tone. So I don’t want to get one more and keep it stored. Hence I went on with a different shade thinking that this might help me someway and yes it did.
It really provides a good coverage and makes the skin look shiny.
(Would like to share a secret with you all... I bought this just a week ago and wore it every day over my cheeks and forehead just to give a highlighted and tanned look and voila! Got great comments from all my colleagues that I look great and beautiful....:):) /blush)

The way I use it:
I use this soufflé upon my regular face cream or foundation or compact as like a highlighter. I apply it on cheeks, nose and forehead like the way we use highlighters and bronzers and it worked well. It just gave me a tanned look as I expected it to be (you can see in the second swatch below where it has given a good sheen to my skin). And top of all, I’m oily skinned and this didn’t break me out at all... So as far as I have used it, I don’t have any complaints with it except the odd smell it gives. But even the smell vanishes after applying. So I’m totally happy with the product!!! :):):):):D:D

Do try this out and let me know how you like it. Will meet you all soon with my next review. /bye till then!!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Hello beauties!!
Guess all of you are already aware of avon new liquid glides. And im happy that i too got two of them. He he he.. :D

Details about Liqui Glide:

Price: Rs.239 for 1 & Rs. 399 for 2 (Introductory offer!)
Shades: There are 4 shades in this: hunter, plum, black and bronze.
Quantity: 0.13g

What it claims?
  • Glides on smoothly. Look of liquid eyeliner with the ease of a pencil!
  • Unique water infused formula.
  • Ultra smooth, soft glide formula in a pencil for a precise line everytime!

What it contains: Not mentioned.

My views on glimmersticks liquiglide:

I bought 2 shades in it: hunter and plum. These are very slim black pencils which are compact and its highly comfortable to carry them around. But when compared to glimmersticks and glimmersticks diamond, these look small.

The sticks:


On my eyes:

Simply posting this pic for people to get an idea of the shade on skin.:P (jus put it on my bare eyes without any primer)


  • Blends like dream and sets in a minute.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Nice pleasant shades.
  • As claimed behaves like a liquid liner presented in a pencil form. But doesn’t take the time of a liquid liner to dry. :D
  • Good staying power despite of my oily lids. But not better than glimmersticks diamond.


  • Mainly the formulation. Its too creamy and brittle that the moment i opened, the tips broke in both the sticks. When i tried to roll and open them up, i got fear that i might waste the whole thing. So refrigerated it for some 2 hours. But to my astonishment, after refrigerating once, i found it bit hard and stubborn.:D
  • One more drawback is the quantity for this formulation. On regular use, a stick might not last for more than 2 months i guess. So it makes us feel that we have paid high.  (May be, i have such a feel. :D)
  • At times you may need a liner brush to apply it.

Overall verdict:

A best product in a best price. Totally worthy. But ‘AVON’ please try to make the formulation little more harder so that it would be much more convenient for usage. Apart from these i have no troubles with my liqui glide!!!!!! :):):D:D;)

Rating: 3.8 out of 5