If you’re a party freak, we’re sure you must have hosted enough parties to know how hosting goes. Talk about themes? A Halloween themed party, a masquerade ball, jamming seshs or even a TV Show themed party—you must have checked them all off your list. But there’s one that you’ve been meaning to throw since a long time now. A Casino-themed party!
And thanks to Daniel Craig, we don’t even need to have been to a real casino to throw a casino party by ourselves. The Casino culture has been fed well in our heads.
Remembering that, without further ado let’s explain to you all the elements needed to throw the perfect casino party.
Casino party

In North America, there are more than 1500 casinos. The number of 1500 casinos in this country is more than double the number of casinos in any other country. The best data is on 10cric a casino for Indian players. As per the number of casinos, the number of gamblers is also huge in this country. Many of the famous casinos of Las Vegas city throw a themed party regularly to entertain their regular customers. Many of the ladies are also fond of gambling in Vegas. They love to enjoy the party thrown by the casino, and they want to look sexier than other ladies. The ladies think that there is nothing better than a casino themed party to enjoy a fantastic night. It is good to not to compromise with your looks when you have to attend a casino party. Ladies always wonder and get confused about the dress up, makeup, and how to look prettier. This article is the perfect guide for this purpose. Here are some of the best ideas for dress up and makeup, that every lady should follow before going to attend a themed casino party in Vegas.

Ladies at casino

Shapewears can be real heroes when you want to hide that extra flab. But is a shapewear only for that? Do you know the ways a shapewear can transform you? Read on to know!!💓

Every woman must own a shapewear because not all of us have perfect bodies and despite of being body positive we all would love to flaunt a perfect silhouette occasionally right?

How A Shapewear Can Transform You


5 Tips to Protect Your Lips In Winters
Since winter is about to come, and there are a lot of beauty & personal care problems keeps growing. Additionally, During the winter season, many people experience dry, painful, and cracked lips.

The reason for the dry, painful, and cracked Lips is that the skin of the lips is weak, and lips have very few oil glands to help keep it moisturized and lubricated. You can buy the Lip Balms for your dull, hard lips  from Nykaa offers 2019, where you will get it at low prices.

Hello :)
How is life treating you? With all the festivities going around everything is taking a toll on my skin & hair. But what is life without fun and festivals right?😉
As you know I have been combating acne a lot post pregnancy due to various reasons and I keep trying different products to see which works best and quick for me to treat them. Today's review is going to be about one such product that claims to fill large pores, unclog them, work on marks, uneven skin tone, stretch marks - sounds super fancy right?
It's the Nature Sure™ Pores and Marks Oil. Read on to know if it really stands to it's tall claims😊

Nature Sure™ Pores and Marks Oil Review, Swatches, Demo

I'm not blogging regularly these days because apart from not getting enough time for it I also don't see much people reading blogs these days! Do you still love reading blogs? Do let me know in comments😊
As you guys know I'm a huge fan of long hair and maintaining healthy hair is tedious! I love taking care of my hair but most often when I don't get much time for my exotic at home hair spa routine I had to settle for some super potent hair oil\product that strengthens and protects my hair. I used to make my own onion oil when I was a bachelor and then I got married and had little miss A🙈
If you aren't aware, Onion Oil works very well for hair growth and also helps in promoting a very healthy scalp.
So when I found this Positive Root Therapy plus Advanced Onion Oil I was in love💓
Read on to know if it loved me back😉

Positive Root Therapy plus Advanced Onion Oil Review, Swatches

Hello world!
I feel like I just woke up from hibernation!😴 I have been away from blogging for quite a while as there has been a lot of changes going on in my life - more on that later😊 Today I'm here with yet another product review. As you guys know I'm very picky when it comes to choosing face creams because I don't pick anything that I wouldn't use\empty for sure! I have been trying a new one for sometime now from a brand called Proganic + - it's their Proganic + Anti-aeging cream eternal youth formula! Read on to know more about it.

Proganic Plus Anti-aeging Cream Review, Swatches