5 Tips to Protect Your Lips In Winters

5 Tips to Protect Your Lips In Winters
Since winter is about to come, and there are a lot of beauty & personal care problems keeps growing. Additionally, During the winter season, many people experience dry, painful, and cracked lips.

The reason for the dry, painful, and cracked Lips is that the skin of the lips is weak, and lips have very few oil glands to help keep it moisturized and lubricated. You can buy the Lip Balms for your dull, hard lips  from Nykaa offers 2019, where you will get it at low prices.

Winter is coming, and there is, for sure, some relief from the summer. But as the winters are coming, so is the dryness is also on its way to your lips.

The cold, dry, heated air, and chilling wind in the interiors all combine to make your lips flaky and dry.  Due to which your lips need a lot of care. So during winters, you need to take care of your lips like anything.

These are not the only reasons for your lips to get cracked, rough and painful; there is more, which is an allergic reaction to your toothpaste or lipstick. The skincare products or medications that you apply to your facial skin may also be a culprit.

So here we have mentioned the 5 tips for you to protect your lips in Winters.

Tips To Protect Your Lips

Here are 5 tips for you to protect your lips from dryness, cracked, and pain during the winter season.

1. Moisturize Your Lips

Moisturize your lips

In Winter, lips do get dry, cracked, and more so to avoid all of it moisturize your lips with a lip moisturizer is the best thing against lip chapping. You must carry a lip balm with yourself and use it as much as you can.

  • Apply the Lip Moisturizer, which has free of fragrance and dyes as the chemicals might irritate your lips and may cause inflammation or corners of the mouth.
  • Buy the natural lip balm that has petroleum jelly or beeswax.

2. Drinking Loads Of Water

Drinking Loads Of Water

If you drink less water, then start drinking loads of water during winter. If you don't drink loads of water, then your lips get chapped, so it is necessary to get hydrated during the winter.

And the best way to keep hydrated during winter is by drinking plenty of water as it will keep your lips moisturized.

  • Drink at least 8 liters of water daily to make your lips moisturize and get away from chapped lips.
  • Try to drink water every hour if possible.

3. Avoid Hot, Salty & Spicy Foods

Avoid Hot, Salty & Spicy Foods

Eating hot, spicy, and salty food is not suitable for your lips as it will irritate and might make your lips chapping worse. Limit or avoid too spicy and salty foods when you have chapped lips. You can resume eating these foods after your chapped lips have healed.
  • Avoid Spicy food and junk food during the Winter season. 
4. Stop Licking Or Biting Your Lips

Stop Licking Or Biting Your Lips

Try not to lick and bite your lips so that the chapping doesn't get worse. If you are biting your lips when your lips are chapped, then you have to use more lip balm or oil jelly to stop yourself. So avoid biting your lips in winters as it will cause pain and crack.
This common practice is quite harmful to your lips as when you put saliva on the lips, it dries out and makes our lips even drier.

5. Apply Coconut Oil On Your Lips

Apply coconut oil to your lips

Coconut oil is the best natural moisturizer you'd come across. All you need to do is to warm some of it and massage it on your lips. Leave the coconut oil overnight and wake up to soft and supple lips.

Coconut oil is perfect for lips as it acts as an excellent nourishing moisturizer and will give you cracked free lips. For a deep hydrating result, we recommend butter stick lip treatment, which has coconut oil and lemon butter and comes with SPF.

So, here are the top 5  things you should do to make your lips perfect during the winter season. As lips are very delicate and to make them look good, you must do these few things.

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