How To Start Your Own Blog

I know it's not a common post here but I get asked very frequently "Why Blogging?" "How To Become A Blogger?" "How To Start My Own Blog?".

So I decided to do a quick series of posts sharing my experience with blogging, some tips and tricks I learnt along the way in my blogging journey! Today's post will give you some key points on how you can start your own blog :)

How To Start Your Own Blog

Why Blogging?

It's great that you want to start your own blog - congratulations! But why do you want to start a blog? There are a plethora of reasons one of which is mainly to get some $$. But let me tell you something at the very beginning itself - if you are looking to start a blog just to earn money then it would be hard to work through it than you expected because passion is more essential to sustain than just a plunge to earn😊
Now let's hop on to see the tips on how you can start your own blog in a matter of few minutes :)

Choose A Niche

There are already zillions of blogs out there and plenty of bloggers but if you see the top blogs they have a niche! So what is a niche and how to pick one? Niche means a category or a particular topic about which you will be blogging about - for example mine is a beauty blog, you can choose anything like food, sports, entertainment, literally anything you are good at and focus your posts around it😊
You can choose your niche based on your interests or their popularity :))

Pick A Blog Name & Description

Ok now we have the niche chosen but what do I do with it?
Well put on your dreamer hat and pick a good name for your blog - one that's catchy, compact & revolves around your niche! For example of your blog is going to be about food then thehungrymanandhiscravings, foodfortaste something like these would be catchy!!😉

You will also have to choose a good description for your blog as it's going to get into the details about the website - it's gonna be the tagline for your blog\brand! So get descriptive and start detailing😅

Choose A Blogging Platform

This is a very important thing when it comes to blogging because a blogging platform is the place where you will be composing all your posts and you need to choose this wisely! When I started blogging there were only 2 options (atleast that I knew of!) - Blogger & Wordpress. Now we have many such platforms to host your websites like Wix, Winkl and many more!
I have hosted mine on blogger as it is completely free, has some great templates, owned by Google (reputation you know), the editor is pretty user friendly & convenient to use - and after 5 years of sticking with it I even got a free SSL for my blog! Cool right? 😄
Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform till date - it's versatile, open source and has lots and lots of additional features that can be customized. Both Blogger & Wordpress have free as well as paid hosting as well and choosing one is a tough call for a newbie - Blogger is old school and WP is trendy! I will share more details on how to choose your blogging platform in a separate post to cover all details😊

Choose Your Web Hosting

Ok so you picked a nice and fancy name for your blog, got the description pulled out, chose a nice blogging platform too but how are you really willing to host your blog and get started?
Well we are actually spoilt for choices when it comes to hosting because there are a plethora of hosting services out there!
The first decision you have to make is whether you want a custom domain (like mine or you are ok with an additional extension for your site URL (like If you are an absolute beginner and if you really want to test the waters with your blogging skills & reach before you spend some dollars on it then I would say it's safe to host your blog for free on (comes with a\ extension) or (comes with a extension) to your site name.
But if you are willing to really take up your blog to next level and establish a name for yourself then a custom URL will be your perfect option. It's a little above free hosting and a little below self-hosting but totally affordable - I still just have a custom URL alone (hosted on GoDaddy) and it's very affordable :) I chose the good old blogger to host my blog! You can do the same with the free version of Wordpress too once you have your custom URL😉
If you want to look for web hosting then you can also choose your own hosting services - Bluehost is the most popular hosting service and there are also a bunch of affordable options in the department!

Setup Your Blog

Now that you are sorted with the blogging platform, a blog name & web hosting it's time to setup your blog. Start setting up your blog by updating all the details, setting up the custom URL or the web hosting, choosing and customizing a nice template (you can choose a free template and tweak it very easily with a little help from the internet) and taking your blog live!

You can also proceed to the next step by designing your static pages like about the author\blogger, contact form, disclaimers and stuff.

Write Your Very First Blog Post

Alright now that the blog is ready you definitely need to start blogging isn't it? Now put on your thinking hat and start composing your very first blog post. You can choose anything like a little about yourself, your passion and why you started the blog or even a good post that falls under your blog niche like a product review\recipe\short story! Once done proofread it and publish it on the web :))

So that's how you can start your own blog and become a blogger :) Once you get the hang of it, it will be very easy for you to get your posts up and customize\stylize the space the way you like it!!
The next step to starting a blog is to learn the tricks on how you can benefit out of it right? Well well I will talk about it in one of the upcoming posts. Until then keep blogging😉

Disclaimer: I'm not a pro at teaching about blogging\a pro blogger either and I'm just sharing the knowledge I gained with you through this post. If any of the tips don't work for you then you can absolutely feel free to try it in your own way :) 

Until Next Time


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