Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips Review, Demo

I'm a huge fan of face scrubs and love using them regularly which helps keep blackheads and whiteheads away. But there has been times while I couldn't follow a regular scrubbing pattern, missed on skincare routine and blackheads started showing up around my nose due to that. Generally nose pore strips aren't supposed to be used frequently as they pull and end up sagging your skin. But using them occasionally is not bad at all - after all it's the best way to pull off some blackheads deep down😊
I have tried a bunch of them and today's review is going to be about Clenz u Rose Nose Strips.

Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips Review

What Clenz u Says About Their Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips

The Clenz u Rose Nose Strip targets the root of all skin problems and are specially designed to remove blackheads and to unclog, clogged pores. This nose strip deeply cleanses and invigorates the pores, thereby leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh. Furthermore, it absorbs excess sebum and minimizes the appearance of pores.


Deep cleansing rose nose strips
Removes blackheads and unclogs pores
Tones and tightens the pores
Also removes dirt, oil and excess sebum

How To Use

Wash your face make sure that it is free of any creams and lotions.
Thoroughly wet your nose with water,if nose is not wet enough strip may not stick and may not be effective.
Let the strip dry for 10 to 15 minutes, The strip should feel stiff as it dries, Depending on humidity,climate or perspiration,Leave on slightly longer or shorter.
After the strip is dried slowly and carefully peel off strip starting at edges pulling towards center, if there are any residue.Rinse off with water.
Recommended use: One strip per week. Do not use more than three strips per week.

Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips

What It Contains?

Aqua,Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA-217), Propylene Glycol,Alcohol,Hamamelis Virginiana leaf extract, Rose Canina flower Extract,PEG-20 Almond glycerides,Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Methyparaben, CI 16035

Price: INR 55 for 1 strip\INR 159 for 3 strips\INR 279 for 6 strips
Buy from Amazon, Nykaa

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My Views On Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips

So I pick up such essential and tiny stuff usually when I go for grocery shopping because that's where I spot them easily😉 I picked this one from Nilgiris Supermarket during one of my grocery shopping trips! I picked up the one strip pack because I wanted to try it before I splurge.

Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips Review

Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips Review

Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips comes in a neat carton box with the strip enclosed in a plastic pack. The packaging looks neat and clean! It's also travel friendly - but I wouldn't risk exposure of my open pores during a travel so I don't prefer using nose strips while travelling.
The Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strip is pink on one side and white on the other - the pink side has to be applied on to your nose. Complete details on how to use it is printed on both the carton as well as the pack (also above for your convenience😊)

Clenz u Rose Nose Strips

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Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips

So I cleansed my face, wet my nose area and applied the Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strip exactly as mentioned. If you wear a nosepin like me then you better remove it before applying the strip to prevent it from peeling off. I left it on for close to 20 minutes (a little longer than recommended as I was juggling with some household chores in between) and pulled it off. Make sure to pull it off as gently as possible but quickly to make sure you have the blackheads & whiteheads uprooted.

Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips Review

Clenz u Nose Strips

The Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strip works decently and helps in removing blackheads to a decent extent. I did see some tiny blackheads still on my nose after using it but I haven't cleaned them up for years and it didn't feel bad at all. If you happen to use nose pore strips frequently then you should notice your nose area to be clean after using this one! Also an additional tip is to steam your face before you apply the strip as this helps open up the pores around your nose for the strip to work easily😊 Also using a nose pore strip once in 2-3 months would really help in removing all the blackheads you accumulate around your nose - if you have blackhead prone skin.

And see for yourself on how it worked - notice those tiny black marks on the strip? Those are yikes - blackheads!!

Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips Demo

Clenz u Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips Swatch

Overall if you are looking for a good nose pore strip at a decent price then definitely check out Clenz u Deep Cleansing Nose Strips - they have few more variants like charcoal, green tea too!

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Have you used pore strips? Have they worked for you? Have you used Clenz u strips before and has it worked for you? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any product recommendations for us to try do leave them in the comments :))

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