Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil Review, Swatches

Oiling your hair is essential as it helps in nurturing, nourishing and keeping it healthy!
Healthy locks are just a little oil away upto me :) I oil my scalp twice a week and it helps in making them healthy inside out. I love using oil mixtures rather than a single oil but Mr. Husband loves to use just one - see how different we are? :P
So I gifted him the super popular hair oil from my favourite to the heart brand and this review is majorly going to be his views - and of course I hijack it at times and try it myself so there will be bits and pieces of my views too ;) :D

Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil Review, Swatches

A Little About Yami Herbals

If you know me then you must know Yami Herbals - that's how much I love and talk about the brand :) Yami Herbals is a homegrown brand owned and run by Shylaja Pradeep, based out of Tamil Nadu. The brand focuses on producing homemade, chemical free and cruelty free skincare & haircare products in small batches primarily sourcing the ideas from Ayurveda & recipes from our ancestors!

What Yami Herbals Says About Their Traditional Hair Oil

A natural blend of herbs, flowers, leaves and oil to nourish & bring back shine to your hair!

Price & Quantity: INR 180 (MRP: 230) for 100 ml

What It Contains?


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Our Views On Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil

Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil comes in a regular flip cap plastic bottle with proper labeling - the label and the graffiti on it looks so cool :) It's completely leak proof. But the bottle is very flimsy and it crushes if pressed very hard, also the flip cap breaks if opened fast with pressure - overall packaging can be improved but for this price I wouldn't complaint as the oil is divine!!

Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil

The Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil has a nice and mild herbal fragrance with a light green color - the fragrance you would get while heating your oil with herbs :) There are no added fragrances or colors or any additives which is just amazing! All Yami Herbals products are free from chemicals and preservatives.

Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil Review

I have straight fine hair and I prefer oiling my hair previous night or an hour or two before I wash my hair. I have used the Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil few times and it made my hair soft, smooth and nourished. My hair looks more healthy every time I use it :) I haven't used it much regularly though as I prefer using my own concoctions ;)

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Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil

Mr. Husband on the other hand has dry, curly hair and he is facing severe hairfall and baldness these days. He was impressed with the way his hair texture improved after using Yami Herbals Shampoo and he was eager to try their hair oil. He uses Yami Herbals hair oil everyday religiously :) It's been more than 2 months he started using it and here is the review.

Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil Review, Swatches

Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil adds smoothness and softness to hair - his dry hair feels soft after hair wash. He gets grey hairs due to excess body heat and Yami Herbals hair oil helps keep away premature graying (he also consumes gooseberries regularly to prevent premature graying). The oil also helps reduce his hairfall on regular use.

Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil Review

Hope you liked the post. Have you tried any products from Yami Herbals? Did you like them? Which is your favourite from Yami Herbals? Would you like to try their Traditional Herbal Hair Oil? Do let me know in the comments :)

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