12 Travel Skincare, Haircare And Makeup Tips

I'm just back from an almost week long vacation and it was a blast :D We had a great time and as it was a family trip we got some lazy afternoons to chit chat, take strolls, play some games and get some good sleep! Now as we are back I just thought of sharing some essential tips and tricks with you guys like what to pack for travel, what not to pack, how to pack light etc etc - I'm starting off with Travel Skincare & Makeup Tips!
I have already shared my travel skincare & haircare essentials video, do check it out here if you would like to! :)

Travel Skincare, Haircare And Makeup Tips

What exactly do you have to carry with you while travelling and why should you even bother?
Because travelling brings in a lot of dirt & dust that can settle onto your skin and clog your pores. The variation in time\time lost in travel can make you skip your routines which could again take a toll on your skin. Also while packing it's hard to pick up everything you use everyday in your travel makeup bag and you will have to opt for travel sized packs :) In this post I will be sharing with you everything I learnt in these years on what to pack while you travel to prevent your skin & hair from damage!!

Clean Skin Is Always The Key

Always carry your cleanser with you while travelling. If you find your cleanser bottle hefty then you can transfer the required amount of product to a travel friendly bottle and take with you. But never skip taking your cleanser because as I mentioned earlier travelling causes a lot of dirt and dust that gets settled on your skin and cleansing them thoroughly is very important.
You can also pick a bottle of micellar water as you can easily replace your cleanser+water with it :)

Travel Skincare, Haircare And Makeup Tips

Blot Blot Blot & Wipe Away

Carry a pack of cleansing wipes (preferably something that's non-comedogenic) and also a pack of blotting sheets as it will help in cleaning up your skin on the go without needing much water. You can also carry some micellar wipes as they are gentle enough and give you a good cleanse!

Travel Skincare, Haircare And Makeup Tips

Carry A Face Mist

Travelling can make you tired and make your skin dull and the best way to freshen up your face is to use a face mist. Choose a face mist that suits your skin and if you don't own one it's safe to carry some rose water in a spray bottle than try something new out of the blue!!

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Moisturize Away

Your body needs just as much care as your face and though you can rely on your bar of soap or the shower gels the hotel offers you it's always good to grab your own moisturizer\body butter with you while travelling. This way you can carry something that works for you and depending on the weather conditions you will know when to re-apply. It also kinda serves as a reminder to moisturize for people like me who always skip it! :/

Travel Skincare Tips

Don't Skip Your Routine

This should've been the first tip - don't skip your skincare & haircare routines while travelling. Maintaining your CTM routine helps in protecting your skin and reducing the harm caused by the travel.

Travel Skincare Tips

Say Hello To SPF

Pack a good sunscreen with you with SPF higher than 50 as you will be out in the sun during the travel and protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays is pretty essential. Re-apply every 2 hours or so to keep yourself protected from tanning too much!

Travel Skincare Tips

Some Mask Time Is Perfect

Travel can make your face look dull and lifeless. So apart from following your skincare routine it would be ideal if you can spare some time to use a good face mask\pack as it would help rejuvenate your face. Sheet masks are perfect choice as they are handy, travel-friendly, works in a jiffy, relaxing and don't need much cleaning up either!

Travel Skincare And Makeup Tips

Chapsticks To The Rescue

Travelling causes more harm to your lips too as the variation in weather and temperature tends to cause dry chapped lips. So always carry a nice and good lip butter\balm with you and re-apply it as necessary to prevent chapped lips :)

Travel skincare tips

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Don't Be Too Touchy

Avoid touching your face often as it leads to acne and pimples - especially while travelling as it makes the dirt and dust settle onto your pores easily. Use a tissue or blotting sheet if you feel like touching your face as it helps cleanse the skin well to prevent any break outs :)

Travel Skincare And Makeup Tips

Light Makeup Is Always Great

Avoid carrying too much makeup while travelling unless if necessary. This not only adds up weight but you would also end up with not using most of them, clogged pores & break outs due to too much makeup!
Avoid using foundation or tinted moisturizers while travelling - stick with your regular moisturizer and SPF as it would be perfect! Choose a feature to accentuate and plan your makeup accordingly - like you can go with bold eyes or bold lips, glossy lips, a nice eye makeup etc.

Travel Skincare And Makeup Tips

Too much base makeup can clog your pores so try avoiding it if possible. Stick with creamy lipsticks and bullet lipsticks if you prefer matte shades as longwear lipsticks\liquid lipsticks can dry your lips and rip away all the moisture!

Choose The Best And Give Others A Rest

Don't try to pack your whole world with you :)
Choose the products that work best for you and try avoiding new products during the trip as it becomes hard if they don't work for you as expected! Pack just the essentials and pack less so that you have room for the new products you pick while coming back from your trip ;)

Travel Skincare And Makeup Tips

Hair Needs Care Too

Haircare is also very essential while travelling as too much heat causes frizzy and unmanageable hair. Most hotels provide shampoo these days that is good for your hair but they often miss out giving a conditioner! So always carry your shampoo\conditioner in travel friendly bottles while travelling as it helps keep your hair fresh and clean!
You can also carry a dry shampoo for some quick freshness. Also use some scarf or hats to cover your hair while you are out in the sun to protect your hair from the harsh rays.

Travel Skincare And Makeup Tips

Also carry a good detangling comb with you to keep your tresses tangle-free!

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Travel Skincare And Makeup Tips

If you would be staying longer than a week you can also carry a deep conditioning mask with you!
Oh and don't forget a serum\hair spray\oil in cream\leave in conditioner or good old hair oil to maintain the health of your manes!!

So these are the biggest travel tips we have for you and hope you enjoyed knowing them! Do you have any specific tips or tricks that you follow while travelling? Do let us know in comments below :) If you liked this post do share it with your friends or someone who can benefit from it.

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Bon Voyage!!

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