Products I love When It Comes To My Eyebrows

I hate waxing and going to parlor for trimming my hair is also a no-no for me!
Well I was brought up saying that going to a parlor means you are not naturally beautiful and I'm still stuck with it - but I'm a makeup-obsessed woman too :P :D
But I never miss threading my eyebrows at a good parlor as they are kinda my favourite feature on my face - my eyes too & yeah lips also a little ;)

Eyebrow Grooming At Home

Life had it tolls on me and I couldn't thread my eyebrows almost for more than an year during my pregnancy which was kinda the only thing that was upsetting me while looking myself in the mirror!! I still couldn't get some me time to groom my browies so I picked up the habit of grooming them frequently on my own at home! That is when this idea popped up in my mind to tell\show you guys the products I love to groom my eyebrows from trimming to filling :) Hope you enjoy the post!

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors

These little buddies are super famous now and need no introduction!
And I have been using Tinkle eyebrow razors to shave my face since 2013 (yup that's when I skeptically started shaving off my peach fuzz and grew to love it!).
So I was not in a situation to hunt them down when I wanted to groom my eyebrows - I had stock & backup. I started off with slightly shaving off the extra hair grown around my eyebrows trying to bring a shape to them. You need to be super careful and choose a well-lit place to do this if you really want to look groomed!

Eyebrow Grooming At Home

Do it little by little with caution and do it one side at a time. Finish rest of the grooming steps after this and then go for shaping the other brow as this will help you get the same/similar shape either side.


A traditional tool specially designed for grooming your eyebrows - does a decent job of shaping your brows if the growth is less. A tweezer is absolutely good choice if you are just going to get rid of a few strands!
But tweezing means uprooting the hair completely and it is painful. Also if not done right can leave a bruise, so you gotta be careful while doing it.

Curved/Grooming Scissors

Most of us who own a manicure kit would have always seen a pair of scissors in it and got confused why is it lying around in a manicure kit! Let me tell you it is a wonderful grooming tool for both men and women if used right 😊
This pair of scissors help trim off any hair strands you have in your fingers especially toes. They are also sharp enough to trim or cut your nails so if you aren't a nail cutter person this is a quick and easy tool to trim your nails.

Eyebrow Grooming At Home

Coming to the best part of these scissors - they help trim those excess grown eyebrows and shorten them! Yes they are super helpful in shortening your eyebrows and if you had noticed the parlor staffs use it while threading your eyebrows.
And for men it's a great tool to trim your mustache & beard😉

Eyebrow Brushes

A pair of eyebrow brushes are always essential to groom your eyebrows even if not for trimming them. A brow brush helps you comb the eyebrow hairs in a single direction making them look tamed. It also helps to keep them in place after you apply your brow wax :)
I prefer my little metal brush as the bristles are strong and sleek to easily brush my brows. Bought it off of Aliexpress :D

Grooming Eyebrows At Home

Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

An eyebrow pencil is a very easy tool to define your eyebrows and you don't need much expertise to use one! But do you know you need to choose the right shade or else you end up looking like a halloween doll with dark black eyebrows?

Grooming Eyebrows At Home

I so love these Fashion Brow Duo Shapers launched by Maybelline for that matter. They are nifty cute eye pencils with a waxy pencil on one side to draw your eyebrows and powder with a smudger on the other side to fill them in. Pretty easy and affordable option to fill in your brows and they works so easily :) They are cute and you can just slip one into your purse ;)
And the best part - they don't come in black! You have 2 colors grey & brown to choose from and you can choose it according to your eyebrow shade!

It's a great choice for everyday grooming for me :)
Buy from Amazon, Nykaa

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit

Sleek Makeup is pretty popular and their eyebrow kit is even more popular :)
It is a bit on the pricier side (for us who reside in this side of the world) but a great option if you love getting your eyebrows groomed at a professional quality!
The Sleek Brow Kit comes in a tiny box with a brow wax to tame the eyebrow hair and keep them in place, a brow powder to fill in the gaps to make them look fuller, a duo end brush to use them and a tweezer to pull out any stray hairs while doing your brows.

Grooming Eyebrows At Home

I so love this kit as it's pretty handy and of professional quality. I use it while I do elaborate makeup looks and for bridal makeup.
It comes in 4 different shades: Light, Medium, Dark, Extra Dark based on your skin tone.
Buy from Sleek Makeup, Amazon

Apart from these I love using a good dark brown eyeshadow for filling my brows when I'm in a hurry or don't want to tame them much. It pretty much works good :)

So these are the products/tools I love using to groom my eyebrows at home.
How do you like to groom your eyebrows and what are your favourite eyebrow products?
Do let me know in the comments :) Would you love to see a tutorial on how I groom my eyebrows at home? Do let me know in the comments - would be delighted to shoot one for you!!

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