Accessories For The Grand Wedding Look

Accessories For The Grand Wedding Look

You the bride is the center of attraction in your wedding (of course the groom too but not as much as you :P) and looking glam, gorgeous and royal on your big day is very much important :))
So here is a list of accessories that you could include as part of your wedding attire to get that extra oomph look!

Choose them according to the attire, culture, wedding style and of course based on the look you are aiming for to look like a Diva or a Maharani on your D Day♥♥

Indian Bridal Jewellery

Hair Accessories

A queen always loves her Tiara and being the queen dressing up your crown is very important :)


Headbands are such a versatile head accessory and it's one thing that suits all ages♥ A headband definitely pairs elegantly with your wedding dress (majorly the Christian weddings).

Headband For Wedding

Hair Combs are another simple yet elegant accessory that just oomphs your wedding gown ;)

Hair Comb For Wedding

Tiaras are a traditional and always on trend hair accessory that looks elegant, chic and perfectly royal!

Tiara For Brides

Hair Pins are such a simple way to oomph any hairstyle and paired with a Tiara or a headband you can easily spruce up your hairstyle :)

Hair Pins For Bride

Rakkodi, Suryan & Chandran, Jada Billai

This is the traditional head accessory set of any Indian Bridal head accessory set especially south Indian. I had a set in my bridal kitty too :D

Hair Accessories For Indian Bride
Jada Billai
Suryan & Chandran For Indian Bride
Suryan & Chandran

Beaded head chains

Beaded chains are all the rage even now and they perfectly complement a trendy wedding outfit. They go well with traditional attire as well if styled the right way :)

Beaded Head Chain


Jhoomar is a traditional Rajasthani Bridal Hair accessory that looks so royal and takes your hair dressing to a whole new level!

Jhoomar For Indian Bride

Maang Tikka\Nethi Chutti

Maang Tikka\Nethi Chutti


Face Accessories

Noses come in all shapes and sizes but when you are a bride highlighting your nose is major goals because it totally changes the way you look and doing it perfect will help you look so gorgeous on your D-Day!
Nosepins were all the rage for centuries now and it has evolved over time that today you get it in so many designs from dot studs to cool septum rings. Here is a list of nose accessories for you just to make you look more beautiful ;)

Traditional Nose Pin/Nath

Something that's tradition but also makes your face perfectly gorgeous is the nose pin♥ Wear one that suits you and your face doesn't even need any makeup :)
Naths are a much more grandeur addition to the list than a nose pin;)

Bridal Nath
Bridal Nath

Grandeur Earrings

Statement earrings are a great choice for a woman anyday and when it's her day why wouldn't it be a perfect way to wear one? ;) Add a grandeur pair of kundan earrings or jumbo jhumkas on your D-Day to make the ensemble gorgeous♥
A beautiful pair of white stone studded earrings would be the best choice if you are having a Christian Wedding :)

Bridal Jhumkas

Other Accessories

There are so many other accessories that can make you look like a goddess on your big day (if you wish and love accessorizing!) and we did not want you to miss knowing them too so that you can choose!

Baju Bandh (or) Vanki

An accessory that accentuates your arms and make them look slimmer ;) Worn right these can take the look of your bridal blouse to next level!

Bridal Baju Band
Baju Band

Bridal Vanki

Kamar Bandh or Waist Bandh

If you are a girl you definitely would have tried a waist belt sometime in your life - I did during my first stage drama at school! And that got me hooked on to them forever :P
Being a bride means you want to look perfect and most of us don't get the time to melt that belly fat on time - well a Kamar Bandh comes to your rescue! Wear one around your waist to direct all the attraction to it and guess what it's the perfect way to add some silhouette to your saree too :D

Kundan Waist Belts
Kundan Waist Belts

Statement Bangles (or) Chudas

Every Indian family has a long tradition connected to bangles/chudas when it comes to weddings and apart from the sentiments bangles are a great way to bring in a positive vibe around!
Although glass bangles tend to have a special place in Indian weddings we shouldn't be skipping the fact that bangles have come a long way! Kundan kadas, silk thread bangles, bridal bangle sets are all the class now and do not miss to include a bunch of it to your bridal trousseau girl!!

Bridal Silk Thread Bangles

Bridal Chuda

Haathphool or Hand Chains

If you love amping up a bit you can also add haath pools to your look! Apart from jewellery you also get customized floral haathpools these days which look absolutely stunning♥♥

Bridal Haath Pool

Statement Neckpieces

Statement neckpieces are a great choice to accentuate your neckline and such pieces go perfectly well with simple as well as grand clothing! Yes they're so versatile that way and there are plenty of them to choose from!
Chokers, collar necklaces, BIBs, rani haar, satlada are a few to choose from :) Will be doing a separate post on statement neckpieces so stay tuned ;)

Indian Bridal Neckpieces

Statement necklace


Anklets are one special ornament for every girl because it just makes your feet look so beautiful and is an elegant choice to accentuate your feet when you are a bride-to-be!
Silver and gold are the common metals to choose from but they are available in so many styles now just like your necklaces :D
Although it's a traditional Indian jewellery many country brides are getting accustomed to styling them as they are pretty and classy :)

Gold Anklets For Bride

Anklets For Brides

Anklets For Indian Brides

So that's it ladies - we pretty much summed up all the accessories you can include in your bridal look. Now you just have to go and shop till you drop ;)

Until Next Time

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