4 Ways To Style Your Plain Kurti

Sustainable Living & Sustainable Wardrobe are two huge things running in my mind ever since 2018 and I'm trying my level best to reuse my existing clothes as much possible before picking up new ones! I'm a hoarder and I have clothes from my tenth class & accessories from my eighth class junked up together in my wardrobe (of course I still use 95% of them) but I kinda start feeling bored to style a dress the same way more than twice :P
I try and find new ways to pair up my clothes or spruce up my wardrobe with some simple changes and it has worked so well for me. So I thought why not share it with you my BlogFam as it might help some of you atleast :)
Here is another interesting post/lookbook of Sustainable Wardrobe!! Just my way of styling ;)

Ways To Style Your Plain Kurta

Choice Of Cloth: A Plain Black Kurta from Max Fashions

Look 1: Plain Kurti With Leggings (Casual/Work-Appropriate)

This is my regular style - I pair up kurtis with leggings or regular salwar pants and sometimes a stole, that's it! It's casual, quick & easy and can be worn to any place :D

Plain Kurti With Leggings

Look 2: Plain Kurti With Palazzo Pants(Casual/Work-Appropriate/Travel Appropriate)

Palazzo pants are the most comfy yet stylish choice if you love to quirk up your look in a jiffy! Palazzos are flowy unlike leggings which means you can style them and comfortably travel even for long hours ;) They also are versatile which means you can pair up palazzos with crop tops or short kurtis and call it a day :D
I just loved pairing my floral print palazzos with a crisp plain cotton top which was quick & comfy :)

Plain Kurti With Palazzo Pants

Look 3: Plain Kurti With Lehenga/Long Skirt (Casual/Ethic/Festive)

This is the most loved look for me in this entire lookbook because of it's elegance and versatility!
Just pair up your kurti with a festive lehenga skirt or a designer long skirt, throw in some accessories & makeup and you are good to rock a party! Not a party parrot? Then pair your kurti with one of your regular long skirts, simple jewelry and walk away to work ;)
You can also style it with the perfect accessories and makeup for festivals :)

Plain Kurti With Lehenga/Long Skirt

Look 4: Plain Kurti With Leggings/Jeggings And A Waist Coat

Waist coats are my all time favourite clothing because they can go well with most outfits and can easily sassy up your look. This black satin waist coat is with me for almost 6 years now and she is my favourite! I bought it off of Ebay (I guess) and it's just the most classic piece I own. I love styling it up with my dresses and when I tried it with my plain kurti I was amazed - check out the picture to see how it takes the outfit to next level ;) :D

Plain Kurti With Leggings And A Waist Coat

That's all I have for today. Did you like the way I styled the kurti? Could have I done more/better? Which of the 4 is your favourite? Do comment below, would love to know :)

Until Next Time

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