Accessories For The Grand Wedding Look

You the bride is the center of attraction in your wedding (of course the groom too but not as much as you :P) and looking glam, gorgeous and royal on your big day is very much important :))
So here is a list of accessories that you could include as part of your wedding attire to get that extra oomph look!

Choose them according to the attire, culture, wedding style and of course based on the look you are aiming for to look like a Diva or a Maharani on your D Day♥♥

Indian Bridal Jewellery

I'm a fan of oils for hair but don't generally prefer them for skin as I have oily combination skin. I occasionally use oils on my skin but trust them when it comes to hair especially a great fan of almond & Olive oil :)
I recently got a chance to try the Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun Tel Olive Oil which is completely natural and is great for hair, skin & nails. Also it's unisex! :D
Read on to know more about this cute bottle of goodness!!

Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun Tel Olive Oil Review

Something I always follow for good skin is remove my makeup everyday. On days I don't, I definitely get breakouts, dry skin, chapped lips & irritated eyes! And for a few years now I made it a habit to remove makeup quickly after it's purpose is solved. I also always carry a bottle of baby oil or cleansing milk with me to make sure I clean my makeup in case I get stuck somewhere before getting home.

Faces Hydro Makeup Remover Review

I swear by bi-phase makeup removers because they are the best in removing all traces of makeup quickly and easily! But one thing I don't like with them is the oily residue they leave behind. Although it can be cleansed away with a foaming cleanser or a regular face wash still it's an extra step that makes me lazy when I'm already at the verge of sleeping.
And when I found this Faces Hydro Makeup Remover I squealed because it's supposed to hydrate your skin while removing your makeup. Read on to know if it's really worth the price!

Faces Hydro Makeup Remover Review

I love cleansing milks and always have it stocked up because they remove non-waterproof makeup gently without harming your skin and also make your skin feel good & clean! I have been a fan of Himalaya Herbals Cleansing Milk for years together now and I never really wanted to try one after using it - it was a perfect fit in all aspects.
So when I got a chance to try the SSCPL Neem Cleansing Milk I thought ok let'e see!
Read on to know if it really impressed me or is lying around in my stash just because I own it!

SSCPL Herbals Neem Cleansing Milk

I hate waxing and going to parlor for trimming my hair is also a no-no for me!
Well I was brought up saying that going to a parlor means you are not naturally beautiful and I'm still stuck with it - but I'm a makeup-obsessed woman too :P :D
But I never miss threading my eyebrows at a good parlor as they are kinda my favourite feature on my face - my eyes too & yeah lips also a little ;)

Eyebrow Grooming At Home

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 5 Minutes
Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Skin Care - Day Cream
Product Name: Matt Look Cosmetics Gel Kajal & Cake Eyeliner 24 Hourstay

I love minimalist routines as they're simple yet powerful and pretty much effective! I never happened to try any face creams (except for once I tried the Lakme one once) as I'm not much of a fan of day creams. I also hated the fact that 90% of the brands in Indian market focus on skin lightening - as if we Indians are just dying hard to get rid of dark skin!!

But when I was looking for something to replace my moisturizer & sunscreen together I came across the Garnier Light Complete Serum Cream and wanted to give it a try because of 2 reasons - it's super affordable and their overnight peeling cream has worked for me in the past😊
Read on to know how it fared😊

Garnier Light Complete Serum Cream Review

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 6 Minutes
Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin || Hair Type: Oily Scalp, Dry ends, Straight thin hair
Post Category: Tips & Tricks/Guide
Post Type: Self Grooming 

Happy Womens' Day to all my lovely female readers! Always Be Empowering!!♥

Being a woman isn't easy (being a man isn't too but I'm here today to talk about women :P)
We need to be flexible, quick, learn to multi-task and always on the run! With the running world and us chasing our dreams we often forget and ignore ourselves. While a working woman skips a step or two in her personal grooming routine most homemakers skip it completely because they just settle with a feel that they are idle at home and popping an extra expense into their budget is bad! But ladies don't forget that the family is happily working out there because you sacrificed yours to take care of them and spending a little time & money to take care of yourself is not bad at all :)

Self Grooming Tips For Women

And today's post is a special dedication to all my beautiful women out there :) Love ya♥♥
Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 7 Minutes
Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Makeup - Eye Makeup - Kajal & Liner
Product Name: Matt Look Cosmetics Gel Kajal & Cake Eyeliner 24 Hourstay

Eyeliners are a great choice to emphasize your eyes and gel liners play a major role in transforming your eye makeup to next level! I'm a great fan of gel liners as they can easily replace both your liquid liner and kajal :) I keep choosing a new gel liner every single time as I love experimenting and exploring makeup! This time I chose a new yet popular liner from Matt Look Cosmetics - cake liner with gel kajal. Pretty intriguing right? :)
Read on to know more about Matt Look Cosmetics Gel Kajal & Cake Eyeliner 24 Hourstay.

Matt Look Cosmetics Gel Kajal & Cake Eyeliner Review

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 6 Minutes
Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Skincare/Toner
Product Name: Himalaya Herbals Refreshing & Clarifying Skin Toner

Want good skin? Then following a CTM routine is very important because this helps you get that so called good skin! The 'T' in your CTM routine - toner is very essential to. Many women often skin using a toner thinking that they don't need one - just like oily skinned women think they don't need a moisturizer which is a huge mistake.

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing & Clarifying Skin Toner Review

I have used a few toners myself but whenever someone asks me for a reco I instantly recommend rose water! And people just walk away thinking how come this girl calls herself a blogger :P I still believe rose water is a magic potion that works well for all skin types and is the most natural and easily available toner. But can I just use that? What's the next best? That's a resonating question and here I'm answering it today :)
My favourite toner is a drugstore beauty - Himalaya Herbals Refreshing & Clarifying Skin Toner. Read on to know more :))
As you all know I'm a huge fan of dresses and I enjoy styling my dresses a lot! I love pairing them up in different styles because dresses are the most versatile clothing for me when it comes to Western wear. I recently got a chance to try out some Dropship Dresses from Dropship Clothes and how would I miss the chance?😉

Dropship Dresses Banner

Sustainable Living & Sustainable Wardrobe are two huge things running in my mind ever since 2018 and I'm trying my level best to reuse my existing clothes as much possible before picking up new ones! I'm a hoarder and I have clothes from my tenth class & accessories from my eighth class junked up together in my wardrobe (of course I still use 95% of them) but I kinda start feeling bored to style a dress the same way more than twice :P
I try and find new ways to pair up my clothes or spruce up my wardrobe with some simple changes and it has worked so well for me. So I thought why not share it with you my BlogFam as it might help some of you atleast :)
Here is another interesting post/lookbook of Sustainable Wardrobe!! Just my way of styling ;)

Ways To Style Your Plain Kurta

A very popular eye makeup product next to kajal is eyeliner because a simple eyeliner can really make your eyes pop!
I have tried and love all types of eyeliners from liquid to cake liners but liquid liners are always my favourite because they are pretty versatile to create any eye makeup look once you get the hang of it ;) Today's post is yet another review of one such eyeliner I have been loving recently!
It's the Matt Look Cosmetics Lashes Push Up Eyeliner. Does it ring any bells? :D

Matt Look Cosmetics Lashes Push Up Eyeliner Review, Swatches

Well if you have been following me on Instagram (I urge you to follow me there if you haven't already because you are missing a lotta fun!) you would have already read my first impressions about this liner. Now this is going to be a pretty detailed review :) Read on!!