Shapewear: Tap Tap! May I come in?
Woman’s Wardrobe: Sorry who are you?
Shapewear: Woah Woah you don’t know me? Never heard of me? Never have you ever seen me before anywhere?
What are you – size zero or saint?

Well yes, the conversation just seems funny but it could be true with many women out there!
Many of you might have heard of it, would have seen it but might not really know it’s purpose or use and would have thought you never need a Shapewear in your life!! You might be wrong with your prejudice and here we are coming up with a complete Shapewear 101 guide just for you lovelies :)

Read ahead, wear it, flaunt it <3

Hello lovelies how are you doing? :)
I just flipped around some old posts on my blog and realized that I haven't reviewed much mascaras here although I have tried a whole bunch of them!! :O
I'm a fan of mascaras but don't prefer them for everyday because - I wear glasses and I hate the feeling of my mascara coated lashes poking my glasses :/ But of late I have been obsessed with mascaras again after trying falsies for the first time and digging them out :D
Today I'm going to review one of my basic mascaras - something I used to pick up whenever I restocked! It's the Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara!
Keep reading to know more about it :)

Maybelline Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara Review, Swatches