St.Botanica Mandarin and Cypress Shower Gel Review

Be it any season I'm sucker for shower gels and perfumes!
Even in this cold weather I prefer a good shower gel and a relaxed bath rather than a quick shower :)
So when I get the chance to grab a bottle of gleaming golden orange shower gel that smells exotic could I say no? :D

What St.Botanica Says?

A unique, high quality product based on the best, natural, active plant-based ingredients for skin care – created according to timeless Thai spa and healing formulas designed to nourish and heal your skin and senses.

  • Cleanses skin without over-drying • Brings peace to mind • Makes you feel great
  • Free of parabens, soap, mineral oils and harmful chemical derivatives. Not tested on animals. Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive ones.
  • This luxury shower gel, will leave your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.
  • Enriched with Pure Essential Oils. Features an ultra-sensual texture & plant-based formula. Helps mildly yet effectively cleanse & balance skin without stripping it of its natural oils Enriched. Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive ones.

Price & Quantity: INR 549 for 300 ml
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My Views On St.Botanica Mandarin and Cypress Shower Gel

St.Botanica Mandarin and Cypress Shower Gel comes in a gleaming golden orange bottle with a golden press cap. The presser is black. Classy packaging :)

The shower gel is light orange in color and has a slightly thick texture - perfect for a shower gel. It has a citrus-y top note and a musky base note. Smells heavenly <3 Now Im a die-hard fan of both citrus and musky fragrances so this one is super favourite to me :)
My husband is not a fan of shower gels at all and I remember him throwing away the one I gifted for his 25th birthday! But to my astonishment as soon as he saw this and smelt it, he just grabbed it from me and went ahead to shower. His comments "This is great!". Now you know this is an Unisex Shower Gel for sure :P

Although its paraben-free & soap-free it still has the sulphates and hey I'm not complaining - I love a good lather from my shower gels and the sulphates give it! The shower gel lathers well without leaving a soap-y feel on skin. It gets washed off easily.
St.Botanica Mandarin and Cypress Shower Gel cleanses my skin thoroughly leaving it squeaky clean. During the first use I felt it dried up my skin but on consecutive uses I realized it doesn't! Due to the essential oils in it the St.Botanica Mandarin and Cypress Shower Gel doesn't rip off the natural oils and moisture from my skin and my skin feels perfectly smooth! Although it doesn't give any extra moisture to my skin. I use this in par with my Dove Nutrium Moisture face wash and my bathroom smells like an orange garden for the whole day :D

The fragrance lasts on my skin for around 2-3 hours and fades away. The lasting time might vary on your skin type, how much you sweat etc.

Final Verdict

Overall it's an amazing shower gel that smells super fresh and just boosts up your spirit ;) Its also organic, semi-chemical free, soap free, contains essential oils and works perfectly! I do recommend it if you are a citrus or musk lover. They also have many other variants, do check out here :)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

* Product sponsored, Honest Review as always! *

Until Next Time <3

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